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Hello Potential NSO 2020 Student Leaders,

If you’re reading this, you must be interested in applying for a position with New Student Orientation.  We have two position types for which you can apply and we’re excited about your interest.

We are looking for enthusiastic, creative, caring individuals who have the ability to contribute positively to a team, maintain a sense of humor and have a genuine desire to help new students and their parents make the transition to Lewis & Clark College.  We are asking our Group Leaders to report to campus on Friday, August 21 and Management Team Leaders on Sunday, August 25.  Training for Group Leaders will commence on Saturday, August 22 and on Monday, August 24 for all of the Orientation Team members.  You will need to be prepared to continue working through the duration of New Student Orientation, August 26-August 31, 2020.

Group Leaders will work closely with a group of about 20 new students, leading them in activities designed to facilitate getting to know one another and understanding how things work around campus including academic advising and course registration, etc. Group Leaders will serve as role models and guides as the new students begin their college career.  There is an expectation that you maintain a minimal level of contact with the members of your group beginning in July continuing through the first four weeks of the fall semester.

Management Team Leaders will work more behind-the-scenes in order to prepare all the details of NSO.  These student leaders should be organized and enthusiastic about working as a team to put together the logistical aspects of NSO, specifically those that happen before the new students even arrive.  When Orientation begins, the Management Team will act as the support structure for orientation events, attending to all needs that may arise and serve as friendly, helpful faces for parents and new students.

Both types of leaders will act as part of a greater team whose main goal is to assist the new students in their transition to the college.  Either way, you get to move into the residence halls early, your meals will be provided and you’ll receive a very cool NSO staff t-shirt. More importantly, you’ll have many opportunities to interact with new students and their parents and positively impact their first L&C experience. You’ll develop your own communication and leadership skills and have tons of FUN in the process.

TO APPLY: If you have served as an NSO Leader in any capacity in the past, please complete the RETURNING LEADER application. If you have not yet served as an NSO Leader, please complete the NEW LEADER application. Remember, applications are due April 10th!

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New Student Orientation (NSO)

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