The NSO Directors

2022 -2023 Student Director of New Student Orientation: Jeremy Kregar


Jeremy is seen on a cliff overlooking the ocean with the sun setting behind them Hey y’all! My name is Jeremy (They/Them) and I am beyond pumped to be the NSO Student Director for Fall 2022!! I am a Junior from Westminster, Colorado who is a double major in Sociology and Anthropology as well as Hispanic Studies with a minor in Health Studies. Outside of academics and New Student Orientation, I am involved with our on campus radio station known as KPH, intramural sports, and working in Admissions as a tour guide. I love all the different cool aspects that Portland has to offer students here at LC, whether it’s a new set of food carts to hit up or chilling out in the different parks or coffee shops around Portland.

Before taking on the role as Student Director I was a group leader for the Fall of 2021. I experienced first hand how hard NSO leaders work to make incoming students’ NSO experience as well as the beginning of their time here at Lewis & Clark as easy breezy as possible so I am honored to be the Student Director for Fall of 2022! Cannot wait to see you all in August!!!!!

After spending a few years up on Palatine Hill, here are some tips and tricks I would like to pass down to you to make your transition to Lewis & Clark as seamless as possible.

  • Invest in a waterproof backpack: Obviously it rains here in Portland so I would advise new students to bring a waterproof backpack to keep your papers and belongings dry while walking to and from class when it’s pouring.
  • Go to office hours: Your professors want you to succeed. One of the best ways to do that is to go to office hours when you can. It’s a great time to talk to your professors about a concept you don’t quite get, a paper topic idea, or just to chat about the class. It’s always nice to know your professors.
  • Get off campus: While we do always have events going on on campus, it is important to get off the hill and into Portland every now and then. Go to a food cart with your friends, take a walk in Tryon Creek State Park, or study at a café in Sellwood. The city is your oyster!


2022-2023 Assistant Student Director of New Student Orientation: Eleanor Stokes-Liss


Eleanor is standing in a field of sunflowers holding a cup of coffee and smiling Hi everyone! My name is Eleanor (she/her) and I’m so excited to be the Assistant Student Director for NSO! I’m a senior Religious Studies major from San Antonio, TX, and outside of class I’m also a tour guide for Admissions, and volunteer at the Co-op on campus as well. In my free time I love to knit, crochet, and read, as well as hang out in Portland parks and coffee shops.

I have previously been a group leader for NSO, and remember my own first year NSO well. I know what an exciting and nerve racking time it can be and I’m excited to take my own NSO experiences both as a group leader, as well as a first year and apply them to my work as the Assistant Student Director!

A few tips for your time at Lewis & Clark:

  • Bring a raincoat: For some reason Portlanders refuse to use umbrellas, so be sure to get yourself a good raincoat before you come to campus.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Reach out to your professors, as well as the many other resources on campus when you need to. They’re there because they want to help you succeed!
  • Remember to practice self care: College can definitely feel a little overwhelming, especially at the start, so be sure to set aside some time to practice self care and relax. Self care can look like watching your favorite movie, doing a face mask, organizing your agenda for the week, or anything you want it to, but don’t forget to spend some time taking care of your mental health!


Director of New Student Orientation: Franchesca Spann 
Franchesca wearing her favorite LC merch: a sweatshirt her mom's friend bought her freshmen y... Franchesca wearing her favorite LC merch: a sweatshirt her mom's friend bought her freshmen year!

Hello! My name is Franchesca Spann (she/hers). I graduated from Lewis & Clark in May 2020- recently, I know! I was the student director for two summers and I am now the director! I love Lewis & Clark College and now call Portland home, although I come from Simi Valley, California. Bring or buy some rain-boots! Learn from my mistakes!

At L&C, I majored in Psychology, minored in Art/Art History, and participated in many different groups, clubs, and opportunities on campus. I was a TA, tutor, co-captain of Improv, admissions host, and an NSO leader, of course!

To plan NSO, I will work alongside the NSO student director to plan and execute an experience that provides new students the time to learn about their new home, preview college academics, and socialize with other new students! I’ve seen 1,500 new students enter the college and I know the nervous energy that comes with the transition. But no need to fear, that is why we have NSO!

My tips for new students:

  • Check your email! Please!!!! This is a habit that you should work into your daily routine before you come to college. Responding daily and on time is a professional skill that will benefit you in college and beyond.
  • Use Google Calendar. It is included in your L&C account, which is a Google account! This makes classes, assignments, meetings, and general life organization smooth and it is easier to tell friends ‘look at my Gcal’ rather than messaging back and forth to find a time to study or meet. Add club meetings, events, and even the time of sunset and sunrise! Personalize and have fun with it.
  • Go for it! You are now at college; put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to make new friends, try new things, and explore! 

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Questions about NSO? Please don’t hesitate to reach us by calling 503-768-7183 or by emailing