The NSO Directors

2021 -2022 Student Director of New Student Orientation: Lauren Hunt

Lauren Hunt smiling in a large wooden nest structure Lauren Hunt smiling in a large wooden nest structure

Hi there! My name is Lauren Hunt (she/her) and I am so excited to be the NSO student director for 2021! I am a rising senior from Olympia, Washington. I am a Psychology major with an English minor, but I’ve also loved taking classes outside of my major.

Before becoming the student director, I was a management leader and a group leader for NSO. I know first hand how hard the leaders of NSO work in order to make sure incoming students feel prepared for the year ahead. Outside of NSO, I have been involved in a capella, a psychology research lab, and leading tours for admissions. In my free time I love making all sorts of things, whether that be woodworking, ceramics, crochet, or trying out a new recipe!


After being here a few years I’ve learned a trick or two! here are my tips for life at Lewis and Clark:

  • Keep snacks on hand! Whether it’s an apple in your backpack or a stash of your favorite treat in your dorm, it’s so important to have food on hand for in between meal times at Fields.
  • Go to office hours! Seriously, please do this. Professors want to know you and want to help you succeed! Building a relationship with your professors early will help you feel more confident in class and will help guide your academic path at LC.
  • Take Advantage of Outdoor Spaces! As someone who now spends most of my time behind a screen, I’ve realised how important it is to block out time for the outdoors. Whether it’s taking a walk around campus, Tryon Creek, or going on a College Outdoors trip, there are so many ways to experience nature and the beauty of the PNW.
Assistant Director of New Student Orientation: Sarah Leonard

Sarah Leonard

Hey hey hey! My name is Sarah Leonard (she/her/hers) and I am this year’s assistant student director for NSO 2021. I’m a rising senior majoring in history and from Arlington Heights, Illinois. While on campus you can usually find me in the library or walking around with friends.

For the past two years, I’ve been a group leader guiding new students around their first few days on campus. Being a group leader has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I am excited to continue in this new position. Outside of NSO, I’ve been involved with LC’s dance company and also the ASLC SAAB representative for the History department.

Some tricks I’ve learned during my time at Lewis and Clark are:

  • The library is your best friend! Not only is Watzek a great space to study, but there are so many different resources available to students such as research guidance and tutoring.
  • Start assignments early! While you don’t need to get started weeks in advance, getting ideas started early on will diminish any stress or overwhelming workloads.
  • Make sure to find time for yourself! Sometimes you need a break from school work and life so make sure to find time for any hobbies or interests you have. Breaks are okay!


Director of New Student Orientation: Franchesca Spann 
Franchesca wearing her favorite LC merch: a sweatshirt her mom's friend bought her freshmen y... Franchesca wearing her favorite LC merch: a sweatshirt her mom's friend bought her freshmen year!

Hello! My name is Franchesca Spann (she/hers). I graduated from Lewis & Clark in May 2020- recently, I know! I was the student director for two summers and I am now the director! I love Lewis & Clark College and now call Portland home, although I come from Simi Valley, California. Bring or buy some rain-boots! Learn from my mistakes!

At L&C, I majored in Psychology, minored in Art/Art History, and participated in many different groups, clubs, and opportunities on campus. I was a TA, tutor, co-captain of Improv, admissions host, and an NSO leader, of course!

To plan NSO, I will work alongside the NSO student director to plan and execute an experience that provides new students the time to learn about their new home, preview college academics, and socialize with other new students! I’ve seen 1,500 new students enter the college and I know the nervous energy that comes with the transition. But no need to fear, that is why we have NSO!

My tips for new students:

  • Check your email! Please!!!! This is a habit that you should work into your daily routine before you come to college. Responding daily and on time is a professional skill that will benefit you in college and beyond.
  • Use Google Calendar. It is included in your L&C account, which is a Google account! This makes classes, assignments, meetings, and general life organization smooth and it is easier to tell friends ‘look at my Gcal’ rather than messaging back and forth to find a time to study or meet. Add club meetings, events, and even the time of sunset and sunrise! Personalize and have fun with it.
  • Go for it! You are now at college; put yourself out there and don’t be afraid to make new friends, try new things, and explore! 

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