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New Student Orientation (NSO)

Pioneer Success Institute

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Research shows that the first six weeks of a student’s time on campus are the most impactful for long-term success (see Alan Seidman’s College student retention: Formula for student success, 2012).

The Pioneer Success Institute workshop series spans this critical six-week period to engage students with Lewis & Clark culture and help them build the network of friends, colleagues, and support staff instrumental to their success as scholars and members of our community.

Workshop topics include: campus academic, wellness, and career resources; institutional power and privilege; forming healthy romantic relationships; and personal definitions of success. Workshops are structured as facilitated discussions where learning is co-created among students and facilitators.

Additional information is sent to students’ Lewis & Clark email address in the months before fall semester.

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Learning outcomes* for the complete workshop series:

*rates based on fall 2017 assessment data

As a result of completing PSI:

  1. 89% of students report increased confidence in selecting resources to help them succeed during their first year at L&C
  2. 64% of students report increased affinity with the L&C community
  3. 90% of students are able to describe positive coping strategies for the stress of college


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A) Voyages of Discovery

B) Difference, Power, and Responsibility

C) Pursuing Wellness

D) Developing your Future, Today

E) Continuing Your Journey 

Sexual Health and Consent


Some things that students had to say about their PSI experience:


“I enjoyed how positive my facilitators were and how much it seems like they care about each and every one of us.”

“My student facilitator was SUPER FANTASTIC and ran basically everything professionally, efficiently, and enthusiastically.”

“I can envision my future and what I want it to look like which helps me to pick the right pathways.”

“Helps me talk to my professors about what I may need help with or just asking them about my progress.”