Supporting Your Student During The First Year

The art of raising an emerging adult requires the right balance between intervening thoughtfully during a true crisis and standing aside during mild difficulties, so that students can work these through and develop their own competencies. Students may call you to vent feelings they’re not comfortable sharing with peers. Those conversations will usually help them feel better afterwards, which means that as a guardian, once the call ends, your work is done (even if it leaves you feeling miserable).

Your on-going communication with your student will help you know when you need to actively support your student and when they need a listening ear and some coaching on how to navigate things themselves. Helping your student by referring them to appropriate resources is one of the best ways for you to mentor your student during this transition to adulthood. Below is a comprehensive list of college resources that students may find helpful during their time at L&C.

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Where do I send my student?

In the event of an emergency, call Campus Safety at 503.768.7777.

When a student is…


When a student needs…