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New Student Orientation (NSO)

Frequently Asked Questions: Transfer Students

  • What is Exploration and Discovery (Core 106 and 107)? Do I have to take it?

    Click the “Getting Ready” tab above and see the description of our core curriculum program, Exploration and Discovery, and an explanation of who has to take it. 

    What if a course I want to take conflicts with my assigned Exploration and Discovery section?                                                                                                                       Contact the Exploration and Discovery program coordinator at 503-768-7208 or

    What if I’m not able to register on August 1 or August 3?

    You will still be able to register online using WebAdvisor until August 18. After that date, you must wait until NSO to make any changes to your fall course schedule. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t want to put off registering. The later you register, the less likely you are to get your first choice classes.

    Who can help me if I’m having problems registering?

    The Office of the Registrar is open during the summer on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Call them at 503-768-7335 if you have technical difficulties. For other registration issues, the College Advising Center can be reached at or 503-768-7600, or you can book a phone appointment by going to

    What if I change my mind about the courses I want to take?

    You can change your courses online until August 18.* If you decide to change your classes after meeting with your academic advisor on Thursday, August 31, it is important to do so in WebAdvisor on Thursday before 5 p.m. (After 5 p.m., first-year students will have an opportunity to change their schedules.) Once classes begin on Tuesday, September 5, you’ll be able to add or drop courses using a different process until September 15.

    *If you are taking Exploration and Discovery, there are special rules for if and how you can change your section; please visit for details on that process.

    I’ve taken AP or IB classes and exams. How do they figure into my choice?

    AP or IB exam credit may affect your placement in certain subject areas. See the Advanced Standing section of the Lewis & Clark College Catalog online for a subject-by-subject breakdown. This can be accessed at

    How many courses can/should I take this fall?

    A full course load is three or four courses of 4 to 5 credits each. You can also take a 1-credit physical education/athletics or music performance course. You must be enrolled in 12 credit hours to be considered a full-time student. The maximum number of credits you can be enrolled in without special permission is 19. You need 128 credits to graduate, and 28 of the last 32 credits must come from Lewis & Clark. It is important to plan how many credits you will need to take each semester in order to meet this requirement. Your faculty advisor or the College Advising Center (503-768-7600 or can assist you with this if you have questions.

    What level of courses should first-year transfer students register for? 

    First-year transfer students generally register for 100- or 200-level courses that have an “F” before the section number (for example, ENG 201 F1). To see if a specific course has a prerequisite or to read a course description, click on the course listing on WebAdvisor.

    What if I have a disability or learning difference?

    Lewis & Clark College complies with all the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you have questions during the summer regarding any kind of disability—learning, physical, or psychological—you can reach the Office of Student Support Services by phone at 503-768-7156 or by email at

    Which of my selected courses should I register for during the first round of registration?

    Pick the class that is most important to you. If you have a particular major in mind, visit for how to get started in your first semester at Lewis & Clark.

New Student Orientation (NSO)

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