Course Planning and Registration

Search for Courses and Prepare to Register

During the first week of August, you will register for your fall semester courses and PSI seminar. (Your Exploration and Discovery section will be entered for you.)  Aside from taking Exploration and Discovery, there are no hard and fast rules as to what courses you should take unless you plan to major in music or a natural science, in which case it is important to get an early start on the required courses (see FAQs below for more information).

Follow the steps below to prepare to register for courses this summer.

☑ Step 1: Search and Select  Courses With WebAdvisor

The instructions below will guide you through how to use WebAdvisor to search for classes and save them in a Preferred Sections list. This list is like a shopping cart. When it comes time to register, you can return to this list to easily complete your registration. Note that additional seats will be added to many first year courses on July 10. If you prefer to watch a short tutorial video of these instructions, visit 

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your WebAdvisor User ID and password (click the “Getting Ready” tab if you have questions about this step).
  3. Under Registration, select Register for Sections.
  4. Choose Search and Register for Sections.
  5. From the Term drop-down menu, select CAS-Fall 2019.
  6. To search for courses in a particular subject area, simply enter the name of the subject. (You may search the course offerings of up to five subjects at once, but it is not necessary to fill the entire search form.)
  7. Narrow your search to courses open to first-year students by going to the Course Type field and selecting CAS: First year students. This will show you 100-level courses and 200-level courses that have an F in the section number.  
  8. Click Submit.
  9. To learn more about a particular course, click on its orange section name and title. An information window will pop up. If the course interests you, check if there are any prerequisites or restrictions.
  10. Once you find a course listing that intrigues you, place it in your Preferred Sections list by checking the box next to the section name and title and clicking Submit. (You can remove a section from this list at any time by using the Action drop-down menu next to the course you wish to remove.)
  11. Continue looking for courses to add to your Preferred Sections list by clicking on Search for Sections. Choose several interesting alternatives in case you need them.
  12. When you are finished, log out of WebAdvisor.
☑ Step 2: Find Your Registration Times

This summer you will register for your fall semester courses. On July 31 and August 2, you will have specific registration times that start at or after 10 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). During your first registration appointment on July 31, you will be able to register for one course of your choosing. (Remember, you will be automatically registered for your Exploration and Discovery course.)

During your final registration time on August 2, you will register for the remainder of your courses. The instructions below explain how to find your appointment times for each day of registration. This information will be available as soon as you create your Lewis &Clark account. A short tutorial video is available at

  1. Go to WebAdvisor.  (Clicking this link will open a new tab in your browser so you can click back to follow the step by step instructions.)
  2. Log in using your WebAdvisor User ID and password (click the “Getting Ready” tab if you have questions about this step).
  3. Click on Students.
  4. Under Registration, select Registration Permissions and choose 18/FA CAS-Fall 2018. You should now be able to see the dates and times at which you are scheduled to register for your courses. All times are provided in PDT. 
☑Step 3: Connect with the College Advising Center (CAC)

After reviewing the Choosing Courses FAQ, should you have questions or wish to talk about potential fall semester courses, contact the CAC at or 503-768-7600, or schedule a phone appointment online at

☑ Step 4: Finalize Your Fall Semester Schedule

Once you consider possible courses, it’s important to make sure their meeting times do not conflict with each other or with the Exploration and Discovery (Core 106) sections you listed as preferences. (Remember that your section of Exploration and Discovery will be emailed to you on July 10). We’ve provided worksheets to help you plan your schedule. To use these forms, do the following:

  1. Watch the What Makes a Good Schedule? video at
  2. In addition to Exploration and Discovery, consider taking another course that meets a general education requirement (e.g., a world language course) a course in a potential major, and a course that sounds new and interesting (or two courses in a potential major).
  3. List the courses you are interested in taking on the Registration Worksheet.
  4. Place the courses in the appropriate time block on the Academic Scheduling Worksheet to make sure that courses do not overlap or conflict.
  5. If you would like help choosing courses, contact the College Advising Center at, 503-768-7600, or
☑ Step 5: Register for Courses

On July 31 and August 2, log in to WebAdvisor at your assigned appointment times. If you’ve already done the work to build a Preferred Sections list as outlined above, you are well on your way! To complete your registration, follow these final steps.

  • Log in to WebAdvisor. (Clicking this link will open a new tab in your browser so you can click back here to follow the step by step instructions.)
  • From the Students menu, choose Register for Sections.
  • Select Register for Previously Selected Sections to access your Preferred Sections list.
  • From the Action drop-down menu next to the section you wish to register for, select Register.
  • Scroll down and select Submit.
  • Double-check that your registration was successful by going to the Students menu, selecting Academic Profile, then My Class Schedule, and then choose CAS-Fall 2018.
  • If you encounter any trouble, watch the short Registration Troubleshooting video at
  • Log out of WebAdvisor.

First Registration Appointment: July 31

During the first round of registration, you will register for one 4-credit or 5-credit course (and accompanying lab/discussion if applicable). Because you can only register for one class at this time, register for the one that is most important to you. For step-by-step instructions to search for courses and register, follow steps 1 and 5 above.

Final Registration Appointment: August 2 

During your final registration appointment, you will register for all remaining courses. Remember you will already be registered for 8 or 9 credits. You must be registered for a minimum of 12 credits to reach full-time status. In most cases, students register for 16 or 17 credits each semester. The maximum number of credits you can take is 19.

At this time you will also register for your Pioneer Success Institute (PSI) section. The section you select must accommodate your course selections and athletic schedule. PSI is a noncredit-bearing seminar, so it will not affect your total credits for the semester. 

Wait Lists

If a course is already full during your WebAdvisor registration time, you can put your name on a wait list using the same screen you would use to register (select Wait List from the drop-down menu, and then Submit). After you place yourself on the wait list, be sure to register for another course that is open. Always put yourself on the wait list first. If you are registered for the maximum number of allowable credits, you will not be able to wait list yourself for a course.


If your name is on a wait list and a space becomes available while WebAdvisor registration is still open (through August 16), the registrar’s office will email your Lewis & Clark account and you will have two days to register before the spot is offered to someone else. If a spot does not open up before classes begin, you can contact the professor and/or attend the first day of class and the instructor will explain how they will be handling the wait list.

If you are unable to get into a course this fall, don’t be discouraged. We pride ourselves in the small class sizes at Lewis & Clark and some do fill up. You will have plenty of chances to take that course in subsequent semesters.