Course Placement

By June 17 complete the following exam: 

☑ World Languages Placement- Required

Lewis & Clark College has a three-semester foreign language requirement and offers courses in Arabic, Chinese, Classical Greek, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. You need to complete an assessment for placement if you have previously studied one of these languages and want to continue it. 

The world languages placement will be available by May 21. Online assessment for Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish can be accessed at Instructions and additional information for assessment in Arabic, Classical Greek, Latin, and Russian are also available at this link. Students with results that suggest placement into the 202-level or above will be required to confirm this placement during New Student Orientation.

*Note: Name of department will be change to World Languages and Literature in Fall of 2017)


By July 8 complete the following exams:

 ALEKS Math Placement - Required

(Placement for Science and Quantitative Reasoning Courses)

Lewis & Clark College requires all students to take three Scientific & Quantitative Reasoning (SQR) courses, at least one of which has an algebraic proficiency prerequisite. Many natural science and social science courses also have this prerequisite. Prior to registration, all incoming students must take the online ALEKS Mathematical Placement in order to meet this prerequisite, unless the following applies:

  • You have an AP Calculus AB or BC score of 4 or 5.
  • You have an IB Mathematics Higher Level score of 5, 6, or 7. 

Most students take the ALEKS twice over the summer- once to get familiar with the exam and again after reviewing the relevant learning module. Students often score significantly higher after retaking the exam, so do not wait until right before registration to take the placement for the first time. Before taking (or retaking) the exam, students must complete at least eight hours of study with the relevant learning modules and twelve hours are recommended. The placement will be available online starting May 20. 

Access the placement and get more information at The office of the Registrar records the scores, and you can see them in WebAdvisor. 

Interpreting ALEKS scores

  • Below 30: Student should review the relevant ALEKS learning module and take the test again
  • Between 30 and 52: Student placed into QR 101. However, it is highly recommended that students retake the test after reviewing the relevant learning modules. 
  • 53 and higher: Students can register for courses that have a prerequisite of QR 101 or equivalent (i.e., relevant AP or IB HL scores) 
  • 76 and higher: Students can register for courses that have a Math 115 prerequisite (such as Calculus I or Computer Science I)
Music Theory and Aural Skills Exam - Optional

If you think you may choose to major or minor in music, you should take this assessment during the summer because it helps determine which music courses you need to take. Information is available online on May 20. There will also be an information session Thursday morning of New Student Orientation.