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New Student Orientation (NSO)

Completing A Degree

Your Lewis & Clark Education

To earn your degree at Lewis & Clark, you will take general education courses that allow you to explore different liberal arts subject areas, major courses in your chose field(s) of study, and elective courses covering a wide variety of topics. To graduate, you will need to earn 128 credits, and you will take approximately 32 courses.

Your First Semester at Lewis & Clark

To graduate from Lewis & Clark within four years, students usually need to take 16 to 17 credits per semester.  Below, you will see an example fall schedule. Your actual schedule will likely be somewhat different, except for the fact that all first-year students take Exploration and Discovery during their first semester. Choose courses that match your interests and help you meet general education requirements, begin in a specific major, or explore potential fields of study. To begin planning your fall semester schedule, follow the steps outlined on the Registration page under the Registration tab at the top of this page. To learn more about general education requirements, visit


New Student Orientation (NSO)

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