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New Student Orientation (NSO)

First Year Students

The Class of 2023 says hello to L&C.

Hello First Year Student!

We know that the transition to college requires a lot of preparation. New Student Orientation is here to help you in this transition, beginning in the summer and continuing into the school year. Check this website and the NSO Summer Checklist often to make sure that you are on track with the orientation process. 

The NSO Checklist 

A PDF version of the NSO Summer Checklist will be sent to your personal email on June 8th. The checklist provides information, dates, and links that you will need in order to complete the summer tasks. The checklist will also remain on this website. A portion of the summer tasks can also be viewed on the Pioneer Portal. These Pioneer Portal tasks are necessary for class registration which takes place July 28th and 30th. 

Summer Outreach 

The NSO Summer Checklist will be sent to your personal email, any guardian email that you have disclosed to the college, and is also posted below. Once the first two summer tasks, ‘Creating Your LC Account’ and ‘Login to your Lewis & Clark Email Account’ are completed, all future summer outreach will be sent to your new Lewis & Clark College Gmail account. Please check your email regularly. From the creation of your account onward, all college communication will be send to your account. 

International Students 

If you are an international student or TCK, please also check out the International Student Orientation page! You will participate in both NSO and ISO, but both require completion of summer tasks. 

New Student Resources


New Student Summer Checklist

Pioneer Portal Tasks
  • June 8
    • Create your L&C account
    • Login to your Lewis & Clark Email
    • Update WebAdvisor with Personal and Family Emergency Contact Information
    • Submit your Words & Numbers Section Preference 
    • Submit your final test scores and transcripts to Admissions
    • Request your AP/IB scores
    • Take the World Language Placement Exam
    • Take the ALEKS Mathematics Placement Exam (if applicable)
    • Take the Music Theory Placement Assessment (if applicable)
    • Review The College Advising Center’s ‘How to Register’ Guide
    • Complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial
    • Learn more about Academic Accommodations (if applicable)
Non-Pioneer Portal Tasks
  • All Summer - Sign up for a New Student Trip
  • June 8
    • Health History & Immunization Record Forms Opens
    • Submit your L&C Shirt Size
  • July 8
    • Health Insurance Waiver Opens
  • July 22
    • Everfi Wellness Course Opens and Email Invitation Sent
  • August 3
    • Coming to LC Activity Opens
  • August 26
    • NSO and Parents Preview Begins
  • August 31
    • Classes Begin
Summer Outreach
  • Mid-June - Parents Preview Email

  • July 6 - Words and Numbers Section Assignments Email
  • Mid - July
    • Health Services Outreach Email
    • Fall E-bill Email
    • Housing assignment Email
  • July 22nd - Everfi Wellness Course Email Instructions
  • July 28th - Class Registration Round 1
  • July 30th - Class Registration Round 2


Pioneer Portal Tasks 

Open Date
Task Description
June 8  Create your Lewis & Clark account

Create your Lewis & Clark account which will establish your LClark email and also create your WebAdvisor User ID. WebAdvisor is the website you’ll use to search for courses, locate your registration times, and register for courses. All communication from the college will be sent to your new L&C email address upon its creation.

June 8

Access Your Lewis & Clark Email Account

Once you have created your Lewis & Clark account, visit to get started. To log in, rather than using the extension, you will use your full Lewis & Clark email address (for example, and password. The college will use this email address exclusively to communicate with you this summer and throughout your academic career. Please check your L&C email frequently.

Note: It may take a few minutes after creating your account for you to be able to log in with Gmail.

June 8

Submit Your Emergency Contact Information

It is critical that we have a cell phone number and contact information for you as well as your family in the event of an emergency. We recognize that you may have concerns about your privacy. The information you provide will be held in a limited-access, password-protected portion of Lewis & Clark’s database and used only in compliance with the institution’s policies and procedures.

  1. Log in using your WebAdvisor User ID and password
  2. Click on Students, then on Emergency Contact Information.
  3. After entering the appropriate contact information, click Update/Verify to complete the entry.
June 8 

Submit your Words & Numbers Section Preference


Our innovative first year seminar consists of two courses: Words and Numbers. All students will take one of these courses in each semester of their first year. Instead of registering for Words or Numbers yourself, you will submit four preferences for each between June 8th and June 28th. On July 3rd your placement will be sent to your Lewis & Clark email (if set up by July 2nd). You will be able to see your assigned registration for the course in WebAdvisor by July 10.

Deadline: June 28th

June 8 

Submit Final Transcripts and Test Scores

You must send an official copy of your high school transcript showing date of graduation to the Office of Admissions by July 1. If you have not done so as part of the application process, you must also submit a verified record of your SAT or ACT scores. Scores must be sent directly by the test agency, included on your official high school transcript, or sent directly by your high school counselor. You are exempt from having to provide test scores if you applied for admission via the Test Optional Portfolio Path.

Deadline: July 1

June 8

Request your AP/IB scores

(if applicable)

It is important to have your AP/IB exam scores sent to Lewis & Clark. AP or IB exam credit may affect your placement in some subjects. The Advanced Standing section of the Lewis & Clark College Catalog has a subject breakdown. To access this information, visit The college typically receives and records these scores by mid-July.

June 8

Complete World Languages Placement

(if continuing a language at L&C)

One of the General Education requirements at Lewis & Clark College is three semesters of a single foreign language. Courses are offered in Arabic, Chinese, Classical Greek, French, German, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish. If you have previously studied one of these languages and want to continue, you need to complete a language placement exam. Online assessment for Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish can be accessed at starting May 13th. Instructions and additional information for assessment in Arabic, Classical Greek, Latin, and Russian are also available at this link. Students with results that suggest placement into the 202-level or above will be required to confirm this placement during New Student Orientation.

Deadline: We highly recommend students complete their World Language Exam by July 15 for registration purposes. 

June 8

Complete ALEKS Mathematical Placement

(Required for most natural sciences courses, and for any student interested in studying math, computer science, environmental studies, economics, biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, or neuroscience)

Lewis & Clark College requires all students to take a natural science course for general education, most of which have an algebraic proficiency prerequisite. Prior to registration, we recommend incoming students take the ALEKS in order to meet this prerequisite, unless one of the following applies:

  • You have an AP Calculus AB or BC score of 4 or 5.
  • You have an IB Mathematics Higher Level score of 5, 6, or 7.
  • You have college-level transfer credit that the Registrar’s Office has deemed equivalent.

Click here to access the placement, and here for a chart to interpret scores. The Office of the Registrar records the scores, and you can see them in WebAdvisor by clicking on “Test Summary” in the Students page.

Deadline: Although the online ALEKS placement remains open throughout the summer, we recommend students complete it by July 15. Most students take the ALEKS twice, and students often score significantly higher the second time, so waiting until late July to take the placement for the first time could impact your ability to register for desired courses. Before taking (or retaking) the exam, students must complete at least eight hours of study with the relevant learning modules and twelve hours are recommended.

June 8

Music Theory Placement Assessment


If you think you may choose to major or minor in music you should take this assessment, which will test your music theory and aural skills, during the summer. This assessment will help determine which music theory course you should take first. Information is available at

June 8

Review the College Advising Center’s ‘How to Register’ Guide

We know that registration can be a daunting endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be! Read over the College Advising Center, also known as the CAC, ‘How to Register’ guide to learn more about the class selection and registration process. Class registration will take place on July 28th and July 31st. More information about the CAC can be found at:

June 8

Complete Academic Integrity Tutorial (AIT)

Lewis & Clark believes that each member of the community is responsible for the integrity of their individual academic performance. In addition, because each act of dishonesty harms the entire community, all individuals—students, faculty, and staff members alike—are responsible for encouraging the integrity of others by their own example, by confronting individuals they observe committing dishonest acts, and/or by discussing such actions with a faculty member or academic dean, who will respect the confidentiality of such discussions. It is important for all students to understand what constitutes academic dishonesty. The Academic Integrity Tutorial will be available 24 hours after the creation of your LC account. 

Deadline: August 25

June 8

Learn more about Academic Accommodations 

(If applicable)

Lewis & Clark is committed to serving the needs of our students with disabilities and learning differences. Professional staff in the office of Student Support Services (SSS) are available to ensure that students receive all of the benefits of a comprehensive selection of services. Reach out to Student Support Services as an incoming student so the process for facilitating accommodations can begin. Learn more about SSS at


 Non-Pioneer Portal Tasks 

Open Date 


Task Description

June 8

Complete Health History and Immunization Information forms

Visit and read the letter to new undergraduate students. This will guide you through some important health-related requirements. Oregon state law requires all full-time undergraduate students to have certain vaccines (or to meet state exemption criteria for vaccines) prior to attending classes.

These forms are available in the Health Information Portal ( 24 hours after you set up your LC email account. Forms must be completed by July 15th. If you have questions, please contact the Health Service at 503-768-7165 or

Deadline: July 15

June 8

Submit LC Shirt Size

To celebrate your new title as a Pioneer, we would like to give you a welcome gift. This shirt will be given to you on the first day of Orientation, but we need to know your shirt size first! More information about where to submit your size to come!

Deadline: August 1

Early-July Health Insurance Waiver Opens

Lewis & Clark requires that students have health insurance that provides a range of coverage in Oregon and is comparable to the coverage offered by the school-sponsored student health insurance plan. The college’s insurance plan has excellent benefits and is quite portable at a competitive price. Nearly all undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in and charged the premium (per semester) for the student health insurance plan. However, students can easily opt out if they have other comparable health insurance. For more information about student health insurance and to waive enrollment in the plan, please visit The online waiver form will be available on this webpage beginning early July.

Deadline: All waivers must be submitted by mid-September.

Late-July Complete Everfi Wellness Course

Our community is one that cares for one another and encourages all of our members to support fellow students to make choices that will enable them to be successful in and out of the classroom. During your years at Lewis & Clark, we will provide you with numerous opportunities for you to build skills to support healthy decision-making. One of the first tools we are providing you are online courses that will help you navigate potentially risky situations that might arise in the course of your time with us. In addition, they will provide you with tips on how you can better take care of yourself, establish healthy relationships, and support others who may need help. You will receive an invitation to start the courses by email during the week of July 22. This is a mandatory program that all first-year and transfer students must complete before August 25, 2020.

Deadline: August 25

August 3 Coming to LC Activity

Coming to Lewis & Clark College—Stories from Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

We’re giving you the opportunity to hear stories from current and former students about their experience coming to Lewis & Clark, and the chance to share your thoughts and feelings about coming to college. Your responses will give future students a better idea about what to expect. You will receive a personalized link in an email invitation on August 3rd, and we encourage you to complete this 30-minute activity by the final deadline August 25, 2020.

Deadline: August 25


New Student Orientation (NSO)

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