Financial Information

This page is designed to answer common questions. Use the links below to navigate to other sites for more detailed information. For information specifically about financial aid, please visit the Financial Aid Office website.

Electronic billing (E-bill) statements reflecting the activity on your student account at Lewis & Clark College are made available prior to the beginning of each semester. This statement will reflect the costs for the upcoming semester. Student and Departmental Account Services will continue to send E-bill statements  monthly should your account continue to have a balance due.

Orientation is vital to your success at Lewis & Clark and gives you time to meet your peers and professors as well as learn about our community values and issues that impact the college experience.  There is a $180 orientation fee that will appear on your fall bill. For students receiving a Pell Grant, this fee will automatically be waived. Students who are not receiving a Federal Pell Grant but still demonstrate significant financial need should contact the Financial Aid Office at ( to discuss a waiver. 

Notice will be sent to your Lewis & Clark College email when your statement is available for viewing.  Follow the link provided to access E-bill and review your statement. Please verify all charges/credits on your bill. Refer to your 2024-2025 award offer letter and deduct the net amount of those not appearing from the balance due, excluding federal work study. Only balances not covered by fully processed financial aid are required to be paid by the due date.

Please visit Student and Departmental Account Services website for details on remitting payment to Lewis & Clark. Should you have additional questions or concerns regarding settling your student account, please do not hesitate to contact your Student Account Specialist.

Student Health Insurance Information

While most services at the Student Health Center are free to students, Lewis & Clark College requires that all degree seeking, and visiting, Undergraduate and Law students have medical insurance coverage comparable to that offered through the school’s comprehensive Student Health Insurance Plan. Students are afforded one opportunity in each academic year to waive the school’s coverage. The premium for the school’s insurance is charged in two installments, one for the Fall term and one for the Spring term. (Summer coverage is voluntary.) If students do not submit an annual health insurance waiver, they will be automatically enrolled in coverage through the Student Health Insurance Plan. Information regarding the submission of the online insurance waiver, and the associated deadline, will accompany the Fall semester statements.

More information can be found at the Student Health Insurance page

Student Employment Information

The best source for finding a job on or off campus is our online job database located at the Student Employment website. Search either the on-campus or off-campus database by clicking on the appropriate link. The database is regularly updated and lists both Federal Work-Study and regular college employment opportunities. There will also be a Student Employment Fair early in the semester. Stay tuned for more information. Departments that are looking to hire students will be present and accepting applications!

NOTE: Before you begin working, you will need to complete employment paperwork, including an I-9, W-4, and an Employment Authorization form for work on-campus. In order to complete the I-9, you will need to provide proof that you are eligible to work in the U.S in accordance with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Examples of acceptable documents are your passport; OR a photo I.D. AND either a Social Security card or an original or certified copy of your birth certificate. Please bring these documents to campus with you or you will not be able to work.

Banks In Portland

We host banks on campus the first day of orientation to help you out with opening a bank account in Portland. In order to open a bank account you will need:

  • Your local address (you will receive your campus mailbox number in the July Housing Mailing)
  • Your local phone number (your campus phone number will be available upon arrival but it might be easier to use a cell phone as a contact number)
  • Two forms of ID, such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport
  • Your social security number

Local banking options:

US Bank

Chase (once was Washington Mutual)

Wells Fargo

On Point Credit Union

 There is a US Bank near the Pioneer Express Shuttle Stop at Fred Meyer. The Fred Meyer has a bank inside too. All of the other banks have locations not too far from the Pioneer Express shuttle stop downtown. Please note, that Student & Departmental Account Services will cash personal checks up to $25.