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New Student Orientation (NSO)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do I hear about my hall and roommate assignments?

A: The mailing with your residence hall and roommate assignments will be mailed in mid-July 2019. 

Q: How do I know if I’ve done everything I need to?

A: You can check if you’ve completed everything we’ve asked of you by going to WebAdvisor and clicking on [My Documents]. There, you should find your status on all the items you need to complete for us!

Also make sure to stay up to date with everything in the GPS

Q: How do I find out the balance on my student account and how do I settle my account?

A: To check the balance of your student account you can use WebAdvisor. Click [Students] and then under the heading [Financial Information] click [My Account Statement].

For information on settling your student account visit [Settling Your Account].

Q: How do I set up e-mail?

A: You can set up your e-mail here.

Q: How do I find my student ID number?

A: To check what your ID number is you can use WebAdvisor. Click [Students] and then under the heading [Academic Profile] click [My Holds and Authorizations]. Your ID number will be listed in the left corner of the screen.

Q: Can I register for language classes during my registration appointment over the summer?

A: You can only register for foreign language classes once you have taken the placement exam in the language you would like to study. Online placement exams must be completed by June 16 and are available for Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese. If you want to test in Russian, Latin or Classical Greek, you would need to contact the World Language Department to have a personal interview prior to July 1.

You can read more about language placement here.

Q: I have no idea what my major is going to be, is that a problem?

A: That’s what college is for! If you do not know what major you are going to select, you should take classes that interest you and see where you end up. However, there are some majors that you should start in your first semester (like Sciences and Music). You can find more information on these majors and what classes to start with here. You are asked to declare your major after the second semester of your sophomore year.

Q: How are registration appointments determined?

A: Students register for one class at a time (in rounds) because otherwise the first students that register would get all of their first choices and the last students that register would get what was left over.  Remember that at Lewis & Clark, class sizes are small so that you’ll have more direct interaction with the faculty, and this means that there aren’t an unlimited number of seats in a class and the more popular classes will fill up.  You will most likely be able to take a closed or wait listed class in another semester.  By registering in rounds, every student has a better chance at getting some of the more popular courses.

Q: How do I register for Exploration & Discovery?

A: You will be asked to submit a preference form between June 1st and 25th indicating which section you prefer based upon the faculty members who are teaching specific sections. Even though there are common texts for the fall semester, not all are used in each class and the particular flavor and focus of the course will depend on that faculty member. 

In October, you will submit a preference form selecting preferences for the upcoming spring semester. Each semester you will be given the opportunity to select five preferences from the sections/faculty listed.

Q: Can I change my class schedule if I need to?

A: Yes you can change your class schedule. It might be difficult to get into classes you want to take after everyone has already registered but if certain classes are not working you can work with the Registrar, professors, and your advisor to figure out your schedule. The advising center is also a great resource to help you figure out a course schedule that works for you.

Q: If I go on a New Student Trip before Orientation can I move my stuff into my residence hall room before the trip?

A: No. You cannot move your belongings into your residence hall room prior to the first day of Orientation. And unfortunately, neither can your parents. If you are going on a New Student Trip you will be able to store your belongings securely in College Outdoors storage.



Q: Can I send packages to the school before my arrival so my belongings are there when I get there?

A: Yes. You can send packages to the College with your name and preferably with your HALL ASSIGNMENT on the box. Boxes that arrive prior to orientation will be placed in your room for you by orientation student leaders. See more information about shipping boxes to campus for NSO under the Arrival Information tab.  

Q: Is there wireless internet on campus?

A: Yes, there is wireless internet on campus although the entire campus is not yet wireless. You can access wireless internet in all of the residence halls and most all of the academic buildings. The campus does have plans to go entirely wireless. For now, you can view the Wireless Map of current wireless locations.

Q: Do I have to have a meal plan?

A: Yes, a meal plan is obligatory when you live on campus. Our food service provider, Bon Appetit, has a twenty year history of working cooperatively with students and staff to offer excellent quality, variety and presentation of food service on our campus. They are open to suggestions and eager to meet the needs of Lewis & Clark students. If you have a medically prescribed diet that our food service cannot provide for you, an exemption to the meal plan may be in order. Complete procedure guidelines for exemption are available from the Office of Campus Living.

Q: What type of linens do I need?

A: All mattresses are extra-long twin. You will want to bring a mattress pad, sheets, pillows, pillow cases and a comforter.

Q: If I am coming to school via the train or airplane and don’t have a ride to school, how do I get to school?

A: If you need a ride from the train station or airport you can fill out the arrival form on the Arrival Information page. NSO Leaders can pick you up from the train station or airport if you let us know in advance.

Q: What should I bring to school?

A: Check out the What to Bring page. And remember, we have stores out here in Oregon, and some of them are really close to campus. Better to under-pack and buy things here than scare your roommate away with too much stuff. Plus you can save money because there is no sales tax in Oregon!


Want some helpful tips and pointers for college life? Check out this fun page, put together by one of our College Advisors, for some helpful tips and information: