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New Student Orientation (NSO)

NSO Summer Checklist

Updated 7/30/20

The NSO Summer Checklist 

The NSO Summer Checklist is designed to help you navigate required new student summer tasks leading up to class registration and your arrival on campus. To assist you in completing and tracking the tasks required specifically for course registration at the end of July, we have added a Course Registration Tasks Checklist in your Pioneer Portal. The Pioneer Portal will track your progress for the tasks required leading up to Course Registration. You will be asked to self-track all other required tasks throughout the summer. 


Click here for the Common Reading 

The 2020 NSO Summer Checklist For First Year Students


The 2020 NSO Summer Checklist for Transfer Students 



Please note that the following updates were made to the checklist on 7/1/2020: 

- Virtual New Student Trips were added. You can learn more about VNSTs here. 

- An update to the First Year Seminar Words and Numbers submission due dates. The deadline was extended. 

New Student Orientation (NSO)

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