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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Multicultural Resource Center


The mission of the Lewis and Clark College Multicultural Resource Center is to provide an inclusive space for students, groups, and organizations who hold underrepresented identities. The space can be used for studying, group meetings, and other activities that promote community. Through the space we hope students can gather with the intention to connect, strengthen relationships, and enhance their experiences at Lewis and Clark College. The Multicultural Resource Center intentionally strives to represent, advocate for, and empower underrepresented students within the Lewis and Clark community.


The Multicultural Resource Center (“MRC”) is located on the 2nd floor of Templeton right across from the ATM. 



Before submitting a request, please view the MRC calendar to check availability. For calendar access, make sure you are logged into your Lewis & Clark Google Calendar. On the left side under ‘Other Calendars’ enter in the ‘Add a coworkers calendar’ search bar. Hit enter and you should now have access to the calendar which is titled MRC Calendar. Any time that is marked as ‘Busy’ means the space is already reserved and unavailable. Any time not noted as ‘Busy’ is available for reservation.


Student groups, organizations, and other forms of meetings can submit a reservation request here. Your request will be received by an IME staff member and you will receive a confirmation email once your meeting time is official. If for some reason the time you requested no longer is available, an IME Staff person will let you know and work with you to find a time that works for you and your group. The MRC door has a code that can be obtained from IME. Email or feel free to stop by the office and someone will ensure you have access. 


While student groups and organizations receive priority regarding use of the MRC, the space may also be used by students who wish to study independently, decompress, or hang out informally. View the MRC calendar (instructions above) before your visit to ensure it will not be in use.