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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Meet the 2018-2019 Mentors

GE Mentors are sophomores, juniors, and seniors at Lewis & Clark College who are here to assist and serve the incoming students in the Class of 2022. With particular focus on first generation and students of color, GE mentors are a resource for first year students who can authentically speak from their own perspectives as students on campus.

Mentors are paired with incoming students based on academic and social interests, and are committed to creating a safe and welcoming space for students. Mentors will attend the Great Expectations Retreat with mentees, and then continue building relationships through the entire academic year. 

The * next to a mentor’s name means they are proudly the first in their family to attend college.


J AndersonJennifer Anderson*

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Senior
Major: Art History & Religious Studies double major
Hometown: Kailua Kona, HI and Orcas Island, WA

Involved With On/Off Campus: Currently involved with on campus orgs such as LC Food Pantry, Mixed LC, Coalition for English Education and Social Advocacy, and Hawaii Club. Also involved with off campus communities such as being a gallery attendant at Ori Gallery and a food runner at a restaurant called Noble Rot.

Advice for Incoming Students: Be open minded. Don’t limit yourself to one major or one organization, try new things, push your comfort zone and connect with other folks of this community! It is also very easy to become overwhelmed with many responsibilities, so remember that your well being comes first, its important to find the right balance between school life and social life. Try not to be discouraged around other folks who may seem that “they have it all together” or when you feel that you are “not doing enough.” Everyone is on a different path, go at your o


salma bashirSalma Bashir

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology
Hometown: Portland, OR

Involved With On/Off Campus: Rugby, orchestra, work part time @ Menchie’s FroYo, private English tutor

Advice for Incoming Students: Talk to people, especially people who are different from you. Keep an open mind, ask a ton of questions, and be active, but be sure to make time for yourself, too.





nallelyNallely De La Cuesta*

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Sophomore
Major: History and Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Houston, TX

Involved With On/Off Campus: GLU, QSU and the knitting club

Advice for Incoming Students: Buy your winter clothes in Portland! Since I’m from Texas, I was not used to how cold it gets and my winter clothes I bought back home weren’t useful so I had to buy new coats and sweaters.


sdSam Daer

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology, minor in Chinese
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Involved With On/Off Campus: IME, Asian Student Union, work at The Bon, work at the mailroom, ex-student athlete, Maybelle Center for Community, Dallaire Scholarship

Advice for Incoming Students: 1) Get involved in different activities so you meet a diverse set of people. 2) Stay on top of your work and plan ahead because it’s easy to lose track halfway through the semester. 3) If you’re struggling, reach out because there are countless resources on campus. 4)Keep an open mind and go outside your comfort zone. 




ahmed gediAhmed Gedi*

Pronouns: He/Him
Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science & Math
Hometown: Portland, OR

Involved With On/Off Campus: On campus, I’m the president of the Lewis & Clark Programming club & ASLC rep for the BSU (Black Student Union). Off-campus, I’m working as a tech intern for Nike

Advice for Incoming Students: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. LC is supposed to be a catalyst to your success so take full advantage of all of the resources around you.







egEmily Grabow

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biology
Hometown: Redmond, WA

Involved With On/Off Campus: Climbing Club, Mixed LC, part-time work at climbing gyms

Advice for Incoming Students: 1)Stick to your beliefs, but keep an open mind. Not everybody has to agree on everything. 2) Call your loved ones at home if you can. 3) Put yourself out there! Join clubs, start study groups, go to office hours. Get the support you need to ensure success.




s handaSimran Handa*

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Hometown: Mukilteo, WA

Involved With On/Off Campus: Research in Hermann Lab, GE Mentor, Pre-Health Professions Club president, Gender Minorities in STEM president, Asian Student Union co-leader, Writing Center peer tutor, SAAB tutor, Student Alumni Association ambassador, Student Health Center assistant, search committees

Advice for Incoming Students: Use as many free resources as you can, like the Writing Center, Health Center, SAAB grants, etc., when you get to campus! In addition, be willing to try new things and be flexible in your interests. I came into LC knowing I wanted to major in BCMB, but I quickly became interested in other departments as well. In fact, some of my favorite classes have been in psychology, anthropology, and education. Utilize professors outside of class because they really love talking to students and helping us learn. Lastly, find community through IME events like R&Rs and retreats. I met some of my closest friends through IME activities!


skSania Karir

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Junior
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Dance
Hometown: San Ramon, CA

Involved With On/Off Campus: Lewis & Clark Dance Company Co-President, Barry S. Levin Transplant Department Summer Scholar at CPMC, SQRC Tutor, Music (Vocal) Scholarship Recipient, Doctors for Doctors Scholarship Recipient, Asian Student Union Member

Advice for Incoming Students: Take advantage of going to a small school! Make connections with your professors by going to office hours and asking questions. You’d be surprised how fulfilling and enriching these connections can be to your college experience! Joining clubs you are interested in is a great way to make new friends in a communal setting. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and relax; freshman year is a great time to explore all of your interests and see what you want to pursue throughout college.



Ayla KAyla Kumano*

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Senior
Major: International Affairs/Political Economy
Hometown: Orange County, CA

Involved With On/Off Campus: Asian Student Union, IA Symposium, Track & Field

Advice for Incoming Students: Take classes that are outside of your major. By the time spring semester of your sophomore year comes around, you’ll be taking classes solely for your degree.






doDiana Ochoa*

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science & Mathematics, minor in Chemistry
Hometown: Ontario, CA

Involved With On/Off Campus: Gente Latina Unida, Japanese Club

Advice for Incoming Students: Don’t be afraid to go to office hours; professors aren’t as scary as you think. Remember to call home at least once a week! :)


s perryShannon Perry

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Sophomore
Major: Rhetoric & Media Studies, minor in Asian Studies
Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Involved With On/Off Campus: Mixed LC, GLU (Gente Latina Unida), QSU (Queer Student Union), Campus Activities Board 

Advice for Incoming Students: Everyone is in the same boat where they all want to make friends, so don’t be shy and talk to new people! Also go to clubs where you feel like you can connect to the other members well.






B ralphBradley Ralph

Pronouns: He/Him
Year: Senior
Major: History
Hometown: Studio City, CA

Involved With On/Off Campus: Co President of the Black Student Union, Race Monologues Co-Coordinator

Advice for Incoming Students: 1) Go to each of your professor’s office hours at least once so they know your face ! 2) See your college advisor so you can get an idea of how you want to spend the next four years. 3) Join clubs ! They’re a great way to meet new people (and if you don’t like them just don’t go back lmao).








crCarolina Ruiz*

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Sophomore
Major: Hispanic Studies and Sociology/Anthropology
Hometown: Grants Pass, OR/Salem, OR

Involved With On/Off Campus: IME, Admissions, International Fair, GLU

Advice for Incoming Students: Be yourself, never be afraid to ask for help, and you belong!







j torresJasmine Torres*

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Senior
Major: Sociology/Anthropology, minor in Art/Art History
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Involved With On/Off Campus: Co-Chair of the Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies, I work at the bookstore on campus, I also work in the Athletics Department

Advice for Incoming Students: There are a bunch of resources on campus that are free! (Health Center, IME, SAAB, Career Center, Student Support Services, Feminist Student Union, etc.) You’ll learn more about these as a mentee, but it’s good to ask around or browse the LC website to see what’s available to you on campus! I know it’s hard to step out of your comfort zone, especially in a new environment, but I would suggest walking all around campus and exploring, it’s so beautiful! Look for textbooks other than the campus bookstore! You can save so much money. I would recommend trying out the Trailroom during the first few weeks of class, I didn’t know it existed until halfway through my first semester. It’s good for food on-the-go or when the Bon sucks.



IME Peer Educators

These student staff help coordinate socials for the Great Expectations Program as well as facilitate the IME Wokeshops! 


s murraySabrina Murray

Pronouns: She/Her
Year: Sophomore
Major: Sociology
Hometown: University Place, WA

Involved With On/Off Campus: I will be working for the IME as one of the peer education coordinators. I am also a part of the Mixed LC club, Asian student union, and L&C swim team.

Advice for Incoming Students: Sign up for clubs that sound interesting even if it is a little outside of your comfort zone because it is a great way to meet new people and experience different things. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from mentors, professors, or an upperclassmen because we all want you to succeed here!


mtMatthew Telles*

Pronouns: He/Him
Year: Sophomore
Major: Political Science and Sociology/Anthropology
Hometown: Denver, CO

Involved With On/Off Campus: Gente Latina Unida, Entrepreneurship Club, Winterim, and Fly-In Host

Advice for Incoming Students: My most significant fear of coming to college was leaving the only place I have ever called home and all of my loved ones. I had great anxiety about making new friends and establishing a new connection with a community I had no contact with before. However, after my first year, it became clear that the friends I made at Lewis and Clark became my home away from home. Everybody is going through the same anxiety and homesicknesses that you may feel weeks or months into the school year so you are not in this alone. You will make lifelong friends and a second family that you will miss so much during summer break. Be courageous, step outside of your comfort zone, and most importantly be yourself!