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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Social Justice Tour

The Social Justice Tour highlights instances of student activism and social justice throughout the history of Lewis & Clark College. By emphasizing Lewis & Clark’s active history, this tour aims to empower current students to act on behalf of bettering the college community and to inspire prospective students to feel welcomed and cared for by Lewis & Clark as an institution and as a student body.

This tour strives to highlight the positive changes that have come as a result of collective action taken by students, staff, and faculty. In doing so, we hope to impart to people that Lewis & Clark is a dynamic institution that has, and is always working to create a better, more welcoming, more providing space that caters to the changing needs of its student body and community. 

Social Justice Tour begins at the Frank Manor House and lasts approximately 30 minutes. Tour guides will take you throughout the undergraduate campus and share important pieces of Lewis & Clark’s history with you. For example: did you know Martin Luther King Jr. spoke at LC in 1961? How many times have students occupied The Manor House? Come to the tour and find out!