Great Expectations Mentorship (GEM)

A picture from the 2023 GEM Retreat of students playing outside. A picture from the 2023 GEM Retreat of students playing outside.

GEM Retreat GEM Gatherings

The Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement’s peer mentor program, Great Expectations Mentorship (GEM) is designed to support incoming BIPOC and/or First-Generation new students with their transition to Lewis & Clark College. 

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New BIPOC and/or First-Generation students who sign up for GEM will be considered a GEM Mentee and will be paired with a GEM Mentor (a second-year or older student). GEM Mentors are student leaders trained to assist you in your transition to L&C and will help get you connected to our campus community and resources! With other GEM Mentees and your Mentor, you will have the opportunity to engage in other IME programs together and take part in our weekly GEM Gatherings. 

2023 GEM Mentors


Moving to a new environment can sometimes come with new challenges, growth, and opportunities. Remember you are not alone in this transition! Our GEM Mentors are continuing students who know too well some of the issues new students may encounter when transitioning to L&C. These mentors are eager to pass along some advice and knowledge as well as help you get connected to the L&C community!

As part of the GEM program, Mentees will be able:

  • Take part in our Great Expectations Mentorship (GEM) Retreat. An all-expense-paid, off-campus weekend experience where Mentees and Mentors will have an opportunity to connect with each other, staff and faculty. Mentees will gain tips and tricks on navigating L&C their first year.
  • Participate in our weekly GEM Gatherings throughout the semester. Each week will have a different focus, including resource workshops, social events, GEM dinners, and IME Wokeshops.
  • Have a GEM Mentor guide them throughout the academic year!
  • Be part of the more extensive network of GEM students who participated in the GEM during previous years.