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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Lewis & Clark Resources

Mental Health Resources

To find support, services, and resources on mental health here at Lewis & Clark, such as counseling, student health, and emergency crises, please click here.


Sexual Assault Resources

To find support, services, and resources for sexual assault, such as our campus’s Sexual Assault Response Advocates or any off-campus resources, please click here.


Academic Awards and Fellowships Resources

Students who successfully combine their academic, service, and athletic interests during their early years of college often become successful candidates for national grants and awards. Check out the Helen Sanders Scholarship here and Lewis & Clark’s Academic Awards and Fellowships offerings here.


Media Guidance for Campus Events

Lewis & Clark is a private institution, and as such has the ability to determine who is and is not allowed on our property.  While Lewis & Clark reserves the right to excuse people from campus for any reason, in practice we keep the campus open to friends and family of community members, to neighbors walking through, and to others wanting to enjoy our space.  Lewis & Clark College respects and supports the rights of journalists, including student journalists, and places a high value on the civil discourse and transparency that can stem from it.  

At the same time, Lewis & Clark also recognizes that some individuals and groups may want to keep private or limit the exposure of their words, images, or art to a specific audience.  While Lewis & Clark can aid in that protection, those persons should be advised that privacy is not guaranteed and often difficult to enforce.  Find out more about this here