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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

About Us

IME Vision

IME strives towards a college community deeply rooted in realized values of introspection, inclusion, and equity that empowers all students to thrive in the pursuit of their aspirations and in support of one another.


IME Mission

Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement leads Student Life’s commitment to a diverse and equity-oriented community. We engage students, faculty, staff, and community partners to promote an inclusive campus climate; we provide academic, social, and programmatic support to students from underrepresented communities; we deepen a vision of global citizenship through the intercultural exchange of ideas and traditions.


IME 2016-17 Strategic Plan Outline

IME Vision Exploration Mapping

  1. Vision and Mission

  2. Core Themes

  3. Departmental Priorities and Goals


Core Themes

  • Community

  • Reflection

  • Wellness

  • Equity

  • Education

  • Empathy

  • Empowerment


Vision outcomes - as a result of the work of IME…

  • Wellness in Community

    • Laughing and celebrating together

    • Validation

    • Connecting through self-expression of feelings

    • Telling our stories, learning our histories

    • Holding space

    • Inviting conversation and engaging different perspectives with respect

    • Collaborative work - teamwork makes the dream work

    • Underrepresented students feel an enhanced sense of belonging


  • Self-reflective Education

    • Learning about different cultural identities

    • Strengthen foundation for courageous intercultural conversations

    • Understanding one’s own social privileges for service beyond oneself


  • Empathy

    • Compassion for others and self

    • Active listening

    • Calling in instead of calling out

    • Re-centering attention on marginalized voices


  • Equity

    • Prepare students to be agents for change with an equity lens

    • Develop critical consciousness skills that apply to social, political, and professional aspects of life


  • Empowerment

    • Honoring the individual and collective assets that we contribute

    • Self-confidence to take action

    • Accountability in agency


  • The work that we do makes an impression and a rippling, lasting effect

  • Genuine, not trendy

  • empowerment



Goals & Priorities

Based on our core themes, we are working towards these thematic goals:


  • Team development (community; reflection)

    • IME team

    • LEAP mentors and mentees (cohort-building)

    • Student union leaders


  • Campus community building (wellness)

    • Student and staff cohort building

    • How: creative self-expression; retreats; team-builders

      • Eg - holding creative space in reaction/response to community/national event


  • Mentorship, advising, and consultation

    • Peer mentorship program advising

    • Guidance for student organizations

    • 1-on-1 student advising

    • Cross-departmental and advisor consultation

    • Holding space for feelings/experiences


  • Thematic trainings and workshops (education; empowerment)

    • Annual theme(s) to explore via educational programming

    • Potential topics

      • Social identity exploration (cover range)

      • Social activism (equity as a central topic for consideration)

      • API issues explored

      • Leadership development with diversity/equity lens

      • Organizing a panel sharing experiences around a topic (eg - immigration; navigating Portland as POC)



Our L&C Institutional Commitment to Diversity

At its best, liberal education empowers students intellectually to understand the complex geopolitical, socioeconomic, ethical, and technological challenges confronting humanity at this juncture in history. We are building a community on and off our campus that is premised on the conviction that people learn best, and flourish the most, when they encounter perspectives, people, backgrounds, and experiences other than their own. We pursue this commitment because we know that diversity creates the best educational environment, and because inclusion speaks to our highest ideals. Read more of this statement on Lewis & Clark’s Diversity site. 


Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

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