Join KPH

Join KPH!

KPH is the heartbeat of Lewis & Clark College! Our club is 100% student-run by our board of directors and general members.

The Radio 

We have daily radio shows, where any student or faculty member can get an hour slot to broadcast whatever they want. Most of our shows focus on music; with many students putting together playlists of whatever interests them at the moment. Some shows have more specific interests and commentary; ranging from the KPH World Music Hour—13 songs of traditional music from around the world, to History of American Folk with Alli—in which host Alli Sanders spotlights a different era and traditional folk instrument each week, and Stumpgrown—interviews with locally-grown musical artists and live sets! Some DJs use their air time as podcasts; talking about college life, pop culture, and more. This semester select DJs will have the opportunity to broadcast over FM radio thanks to our partnership with the Portland Radio Project.

KPH streams online through Mixlr. With an account, listeners can interact directly with DJs, ask questions, and make suggestions. Radio shows are an opportunity for DJ’s and listeners alike to be active in the Lewis & Clark community and share who they are with the world!

Our Radio Schedule with descriptions of shows can be found here. More information about becoming a DJ can be found on our Blog

The Blog

The KPH Blog (formerly known as The Umbrella) has been through a few incarnations since its inception in 2009. Now, you can find the blog at its own website: The Blog is a hub for local music news and a platform for students to express their opinions and creativity. We accept submissions of all sorts: album reviews! concert coverage! art! photography! rambling musings on the state of radio and music today! Anything you’re interested in, we’re interested in.

Also check out our Spotify for new playlists every month curated by DJs and Board members.

The Studio:

We have a fully running recording/jam studio where students can practice with all of our equipment. Our community encourages participating in music and art, and we have a free space for anyone who wants to get involved!

*Our Radio and Studio Managers are on campus and are always available to assist anyone with issues they might face during their radio show or recording session.

Live Shows:

Live shows are essential. At Lewis & Clark, we book bands from all over (locally and out of state) and have student bands play in shows we throw often, and the house-show community is large amongst our students and the Portland music scene. 

Furthermore every year we have our Sunburn Festival, where we book well-known artists to perform a set in one of our locations on campus! Our board and events team organizes the event and we do everything cooperatively ranging from lighting, to sound, and vending student-made merchandise and art. 


When you join KPH Radio you can learn how to manage events, get years’ worth of music industry experience, and learn how to finance and operate a large organization, but most importantly you will have fun and meet the most wonderful and passionate like-minded people!

Join KPH!!!