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KLC is the heartbeat of Lewis & Clark College! Our club is 100% student-run by our board of directors and general members.

The Radio:

We have daily radio shows, where any student can get an hour a week to play the music they are passionate about for the community to listen to. We have radio shows ranging from the Sunday Soul Hour, to the World Music Hour, to The Grateful Dudes who have an hour dedicated to their favorite Grateful Dead tunes. We also have talk shows, where any given week you can tune in to hear friends talking about college life or call in with a question and get advice.

KLC streams online at and is a place of freedom for students to be active in the Lewis & Clark community where they can share who they are with the world!

The Studio:

We have a fully running recording/jam studio where students can practice with all of our equipment. Our community encourages participating in music and art, and we have a free space for anyone who wants to get involved!

*Our Radio and Studio Managers are on campus and are always available to assist anyone with issues they might face during their radio show or recording session.

Live Shows:

Live shows are essential. At Lewis & Clark, we book bands from all over (locally and out of state) and have student bands play in shows we throw often, and the house-show community is large amongst our students and the Portland music scene. 

Furthermore every year we have our Sunburn Festival, where we book well-known artists to perform a set in one of our locations on campus! Our board and events team organizes the event and we do everything cooperatively ranging from lighting, to sound, and vending student-made merchandise and art. 


When you join KLC Radio you can learn how to manage events, get years’ worth of music industry experience, and learn how to finance and operate a large organization, but most importantly you will have fun and meet the most wonderful and passionate like-minded people!

Join KLC!!!