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Graduate Assistant Positions

Graduate Assistantships provide students the opportunity to combine theory and practice while offering assistance that may include a stipend and/or housing (Please see individual position descriptions for more detailed information). At 20 hours per week, these assistantships allow students to focus on academic coursework and take advantage of other professional opportunities. 

Assistantships are offered for a 9-10 month period during the academic year (August-May/June).  Please see individual position descriptions for more detailed information. Assistantships are reserved for students in the two-year, cohort-based M.A. in Student Affairs program, with the exception of the Health Promotion and Wellness assistantship, which is open to graduate students in counseling or school counseling programs, as well as MA Student Affairs Program.

  • Alumni and Parent Programs (available 2017-2018)                    
    Join a team of professional staff working with constituent relations. The selected Graduate Assistant (GA) will have a range of responsibilities including outreach to alumni and parents, event programming, supervising volunteers, board relations and marketing. The GA will work with the Board of Alumni and Parents Council, be responsible for two reunion class committees, coordinate volunteers for selected Black & Orange Parties (annual L&C gatherings around the world), and assist staff in a number of areas including: Homecoming, Student-Alumni Association, Career Networking initiatives, Social Media, Alumni of Color Advisory Committee, Senior Experience, and alumni/parent sponsorships. Opportunities to participate in Regional Programs and travel will be available if interested. Exposure to fundraising and development work if interested. The GA will work with the Director to select an area of interest to develop a special project. 
    This position averages 20 hours a week during the academic year. A typical week will involve working 15 to 18 hours with extensive hours on selected weekends (10/16-10/18, 12/5, 2/19-21, 3/5, 6/23- 6/26. Compensation includes a $17,000 stipend*. Please note the Graduate Assistant will be expected to work additional hours from 20 hours up to full-time employment (determined by the GA) the month of June. This will culminate in Alumni Weekend the fourth weekend of June. June hours will be paid through Student employment.
  • Office of Institutional Research (available 2016-2017)

    The Office of Institutional Research collects and analyzes information to provide campus leaders with data to support informed decision making.  IR professionals support campus leaders and policy makers in areas such as admissions, financial aid, enrollment management, finances, student life and academics.  Additionally, IR staff are responsible for external reports to government agencies, various publications, and bench-marking against peer or aspirant institutions.  Applicants should have an affinity for data analysis (qualitative and/or quantitative), surveys and assessment tools, good critical thinking, organizational, and communication skills and a desire to learn about the “behind the scenes” aspects of higher education administration. Compensation includes a $16,000 stipend*.

  • Campus Living    (available in 2016-2017)
    Lead and support the staff, program development, and facility management of a residential area housing 168 upper division undergraduate students. Provide programmatic support in conjunction with the Campus Living mission.  Applicants should have significant work experience in a residential setting. Compensation includes an $18,000 stipend*.  This is a live-in position and also includes a campus apartment and a meal plan for the academic year.  A complete job description is available  HERE.
  • International Students and Scholars   (available in 2016-2017)
    Work with a vibrant program which provides  a wide variety of support  for the 200+ international students on campus. ISS is responsible for international student admissions, financial aid, orientation, and immigration services.  Compensation includes a $15,000 stipend*.  Click HERE for a complete job description.
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities   (Two positions - one available in 2016-2017, the other available in 2017-2018) 
    Student Rights and Responsibilities educates for civic leadership, promotes inclusion and social justice, restores balance when harm occurs, and protects the welfare of the community and the individual. We engage the community through practices informed by Restorative Justice that promote conflict competence by teaching peaceful and collaborative resolution strategies.  Compensation includes a $15,000 stipend*.   Click HERE for a complete job description.
  • Career Center  (available in 2017-2018)
    Provide support in enhancing employer relations efforts with local and regional organizations and delivering career skill development programs and workshops. Looking for applicants with strong communication, presentation and organizational skills. Housing options available. Applicants must have some professional work experience, preferably in human resources or training and development. Compensation includes a $15,000 stipend*.
  • Dean of Students Office   (available in 2016-2017)        
    Develop a broad range of skills in Student Affairs administration through professional engagement with the Dean of Students (DOS) office.  Support and coordinate programmatic efforts managed by the DOS office.  Engage in division-wide planning and execution of mission-driven institutional initiatives. Provide support for assessment efforts of division. Applicants must have some professional work experience, preferably in student programming.  Compensation includes a $15,000 stipend* and a room in a residence hall.  Click HERE for a complete job description.
  • Student Activities   (available in 2016-2017)
    Support the staff, programs, and events of the Offices of Student Activities. Provide on-going support for recognized student organizations (including the Campus Activities Board and Club Sports) affiliated with the College of Arts & Sciences. Provide programmatic support in conjunction with the mission of the department. Housing options available. Applicants should have some professional work experience, preferably in event planning or student programming. Compensation includes a $15,000 stipend*. Click HERE for a complete job description.
  • Health Promotion and Wellness   (available 2017-2018)
    Provide on-going support for the development, implementation, and evaluation of prevention programs in relation to promoting healthy behaviors in the student population.    To be eligible, students must have experience and/or interest in counseling, substance abuse prevention, sexual violence prevention, and/or public health. Compensation includes a $15,000 stipend*.  Click HERE for a complete job description. 
  • Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement  (available 2017-2018)
    Support the staff, programs, and events of the Department of Inclusion & Multicultural Engagement. Provide on-going support for student organizations affiliated with Inclusion & Multicultural Engagement. Provide programmatic support in conjunction with the mission of the department. Applicants should have some work experience with underrepresented populations, and event planning. This is a live-in position.  Compensation includes a $17,000 stipend* and a room in a residence hall.
  • Student Leadership and Service (available 2016-2017)

    Collaborate with the students, community partners and other stakeholders to plan meaningful leadership education and service-learning projects. Serve as point person for Student Leadership & Service (SLS) program evaluations, Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Day, and SLS’ web presence. Compensation includes a room in a residence hall. Click HERE for a complete job description.

  • Associate Dean of Students for Student Engagement (ADOSE) (available 2017-2018)

    The Associate Dean of Students for Student Engagement manages a varied and complex set of co-curricular services and programs regarding campus policies, plans, and objectives impacting the lives of students and their organizations. The Associate Dean supervises key directors and positions directly responsible for student development as it relates to leadership, civic engagement, cross-cultural understanding, and academic success. The Graduate Assistant will work the ADOSE to help development, implement and oversee programmatic assessment/evaluation for all Student Life Departments with particular attention to those under the ADOSE and Campus Living. The GA will also serve on the Student Life Assessment committee. Compensation includes a $15,000 stipend*.

To apply, indicate which assistantship(s) you are interested in by:

  1. Completing a Graduate Assistantship Cover Sheet; and
  2. Submitting your cover sheet, cover letter and resume to khutson@lclark.eduYou MUST submit a separate cover sheet,  cover letter and resume for each GA position you are applying for. 

Applications are due by February 17, 2016, for the 2016-17 academic year.  You do not have to be accepted into the program to submit an application.

Generally, assistantships begin August 1 (roughly a month before coursework begins), and they run through May of the following year. Assistantships are 1 year appointments, and are eligible for renewal. 

Assistantships have a maximum term of 2 consecutive years; however, each GA will be reviewed by their supervisor and, based on the GA’s performance, will be notified by February 1st prior to their second year if they will be re-appointed to the Graduate Assistantship.

*Assistantship awards offer a stipend to the student in return for certain specified services to Lewis & Clark.  The stipend is treated as income (subject to withholding taxes) and both Lewis & Clark and the student agree to a formal appointment when an assistantship is arranged.  Both the amount of the stipend and the extent of time commitment varies from case to case and are set forth in the appointment. 

For questions regarding any of the available positions or about the application process, please contact Kristin Hutson at