Purchase Card Checkout Policy

Interested in checking out the purchase card on behalf of your student organization? Recognized student organizations are able to request to use a College purchase card so as to not use personal funds.

The purchase card is only available for use during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. Your request is not confirmed until you receive an email directly from studentengagement@lclark.edu.

Please note the following policy changes for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Student organization leaders will need to make an appointment (either in person or via phone) and work with a student engagement student assistant to make any online purchases. Please be ready to provide either the exact link of items in your cart already (if via phone) or know exactly what you will be purchases online when you come in person.

The same process for online purchases will be used to process store purchases that are “in-store pickup orders”. The office will help you purchase orders online and you will then pick up your order directly. The student engagement office will work with you accordingly if the store you need to purchase items from does not offer a pickup option.

It is imperative that receipts are provided once a transaction has been made with the College purchase card. If a student organization repeatedly fails to provide proper documentation and paperwork to justify a charge, their ability to request to use the credit card will be revoked.