In-Person and Off-Campus Events

Due to state guidelines and under our temporary COVID-19 events policy, any in-person gathering and event on-campus must first be approved by the Office of Student Engagement and Vice President Robin Holmes-Sullivan. If your in-person gathering or event is approved, you will then contact the Office of Conferences and Events ( to schedule a space for the event (if necessary).

We encourage all student organizations to request in-person events if absolutely necessary and mission critical. Regular standard meetings and retreats should be conducted virtually.

Event Management During Covid-19 Pandemic

Food and Beverage Policy

Campus Visitor Policy

On-Campus Gathering/Event Form 

The Office of Conference & Events has requested that all approved in-person gatherings have an event kit onsite. Campus Activities Board (CAB) is generously offering to have sanitized event kits that can be checked out to student organizations, and/or can work with you for gathering funds to purchase the necessary materials.

Please fill out CAB’s application here. The form will be checked once a week on Friday so please plan accordingly.

  • Blue painters tape/gaff tape and a tape measure to mark off 6 ft. + spacing wherever participants may queue and form a line or gather to mingle
  • Cleaning supplies (bleach wipes, paper towels, gloves, trash bags)
  • Personal protection equipment (PPE) including extra face coverings in case someone forgets to wear one, hand sanitizer, and facial tissues
  • Notepad and two labeled cups - one containing sanitized pens, and the other labeled cup for used pens
  • Instructions for your staff & volunteers how to use the COVID-19 prevention supplies to help keep your participants, as well as the staff & volunteers safe during the event
  • CDC posters reminding participants of personal prevention practices to stop the spread of germs including staying home if sick, maintaining at least 6 ft. distance, handwashing and properly wearing face coverings

  • A copy of the Campus Visitor Policy for easy reference and guidance.
  • An electronic device to **digitally** check-in event participants, staff, and volunteers (preferably you will pre-register participants to avoid long lines at the event entrance).


In our efforts to reduce community spread and transmission of COVID-19, all residentials students are asked to stay on campus. If residential students desire to go off-campus for non-essential reasons, they must submit the below Off-Campus Activity Form that will be reviewed by a staff committee. Recommendations will be then made to Vice President Robin Holmes-Sullivan.

Off-Campus Activity Form
The above linked form must be filled out and approved if you request to leave campus for a “non-essential” activity. A committee of three staff members will then review your application and let you know whether or not your departure from campus is approved. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis; we encourage and appreciate as much detailed information as you can provide.

The committee meets every Friday to review cases; please submit your requests at least ONE week prior to your requested date.

PLEASE NOTE: If your application(s) for an on-campus gathering or off-campus activity is approved, you (and any participating student in your in-person gathering on campus) may be subject to a higher frequency of randomized and required COVID-19 testing.

We encourage students and student organizations to consult with a team member from the Office of Student Engagement first. For an appointment time, visit this link. If these times don’t work, reach out to us via email at to schedule a time.