Asian Student Union (ASU)

The Asian Student Union reestablished itself in 2017 as an Independent Student Union

Mission Statement:

The overarching mission of our organization is to provide a safe space and community for our members. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and welcome people from all Asian-identifying spectrums. The ASU is an essential safe space for individuals who might feel underrepresented and unsupported on campus. We aim to educate our members on Asian cultures, relevant political stances, and historical oppression and debriefing. Lastly, we want our members to feel comfortable sharing instances they have gone through on or off-campus involving microaggressions and discrimination. Many club meetings involve debriefing and discussing these events. The leaders aim to refer members to helpful resources such as the office of diversity and inclusion (ODI) and the inclusion and multicultural engagement (IME) office.

Meetings are open to Asian-Identifying Students:

We provide a safe space for Asian students to collaborate and connect with other Asian students in an environment where we celebrate and discuss our culture and experiences. By hosting meetings that are only open to Asian-identifying students, we ensure that Asian students can discuss our experience comfortably only with other students who understand what it means to be Asian, which is important at a school that is so heavily dominated by white students.

Events are open to all community members:

Our events, which are open to students of all ethnicities, provide a liaison for Asian students to share our culture and our struggles with non-Asian students. At all of our meetings, we spend time discussing the Asian experience and what that means in the context of Lewis and Clark, in our lives at home, and across the world. We also celebrate Asian culture through food, media, art, and discussion of personal experiences.

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