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Letter of Reference

Requesting Letters of Reference & Form Signatures

Members of the Student Life staff are eager to assist students and alumni who need letters of reference or recommendation for other institutions, scholarship applications, graduate school, study abroad, employment, or other audiences.

To request a letter please contact Tamara Ko, the Administrative Specialist in the Dean of Students Office, at 503-768-7110 or, or stop by the main floor of East Hall.

In most cases, we will need two weeks to process requests for letters of recommendation or reference. This is particularly the case if you want to meet a staff member prior to the letter being written.

If you need a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal Form signed, those can be completed by one of our three associate deans:

John Hancock, Associate Dean - Counseling Services, Odell
Cathy Busha, Associate Dean - Student Engagement, Templeton
Brian White, Associate Dean - International Students & Scholars, Templeton

Please let us know how we can help - we are happy to be of assistance.

Note: Oftentimes you will need to sign a release form in order for a staff member to write to both on- and off-campus audiences.