Road Map

What is the Career Center Road Map?

The Road Map is a planning resource for your four years of learning at Lewis & Clark College. It will help guide you through your unique career planning process. 


 Download the Road Map


Tips for Using the Road Map


Take Ownership

The Road Map is a guideline to design your plan of action. Invest in your education by seeking a broad range of experiences, which build on your interests and values; strengthen your skills and competencies; and expand your understanding of the world around you.


Plan Early

Ask any Senior. Four years go by fast. It is important that you put a plan into place to make the most of your time. Writing it down helps you map it out and make adjustments as your interests and experiences develop. Each step provides opportunities for you to craft your goals and explore your strengths. Share your goals with your network of faculty, mentors, peers, and staff to keep you on track and motivated!


Experience, Reflect, Integrate

Grounded in the liberal arts tradition, the Road Map expands on academics through experiential learning. Thoughtful reflections are integral to experience-based learning. Consider using the next four years to test your hypotheses about yourself. Each experience informs the next as you integrate your interests, skills, strengths, and passions.


Know Your Resources

There is a wealth of resources on campus to help you set and achieve your goals. Take advantage of all L&C has to offer by learning about the services and programs designed to enhance and support your college experience.