What are internships and why are they important?

An internship is a form of experiential education that offers the participant an opportunity to work temporarily in a nonprofit or for-profit organization. It can be paid or unpaid. Information on the benefits of internships can be found here.

Can Career Center staff help me find an internship and/or review my application?

Yes. Career Center counselors do not serve on the selection committee, thus they are able to review student applications and help you secure an internship. Schedule a career counseling appointment here or contact Nina Olken (jolken@lclark.edu) directly with questions.

Can graduating seniors apply for the award?

Yes. Graduating seniors are eligible for the award.

What types of internships qualify?

Qualified internships could be housed at various-sized organizations, from a startup to a large business, and from nonprofit to for-profit. Economic-focused internships could include economic public policy, research, and/or business.

Please contact Nina Olken (jolken@lclark.edu) if you are unsure if the internship you are pursuing fits the parameters of the award.