Fowler & Levin Internship Recipients

2019 Recipients

Ada Barbee Ada Barbee ’20
Major: Biology
Internship: Cheetah Conservation Fund
Hi, I’m Ada Barbee and I am a rising senior biology major with a focus in animal behavior. I will be interning at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia this summer. I will be involved in assisting with daily routines needed to keep the operation running as well as helping with tasks in all areas of CCF at least once during the internship: Cheetah Husbandry, Livestock Guardian Dogs, Model Farm and Creamery, Veterinary Clinic, Ecology, Genetics Lab, Education, and Tourism. In addition, I will develop a question based on the work I am are doing at CCF to investigate during my stay. We will present a summary of our experiences, results of findings related to our questions and how the results and our question relates to CCF’s conservation mission at the end of our stay. I will be able to gain experience in all aspects of cheetah conservation from research to education to minimizing human-wildlife conflict. This internship represents a chance for me to explore my interest and build valuable skills in field behavioral ecology and captive animal management.

Paige Barta Paige Barta ’20
Major: Biology
Internship: Rutter Lab at the University of Utah
I am a rising senior biochemistry and molecular biology student from Salt Lake City, UT. This summer I will be investigating metabolic causes of cancer in the Rutter Lab at the University of Utah. I will be assisting a MD/PhD student who is studying resident proteins on mitochondrial membranes to understand their functions and possible roles they could have in cancer cells. I am excited to learn more about the structure and function of proteins as well as new lab techniques that will help me pursue a career in research. Cancer research has always been a field of study that has interested me and I look forward to expanding my knowledge about cancer and the world of research as a whole.



Samantha Hernandez Samantha Hernandez ’21
Major: Hispanic Studies, Minor: Latin American Studies
Internship: The Dream Project
I am a rising junior and will be majoring in Hispanic studies and minoring in Latin American studies. This summer, I will be interning at the DREAM Project based in Dominican Republic. DREAM is a nonprofit organization that provides childhood education, high quality primary education, and holistic youth development for the surrounding town of Cabarete. I will be volunteering as a teacher assistant, facilitating classes using KNEX renewable energy kits, and doing research on how children build, perceive, and construct their racial identity.

Justin Katona Justin Katona ’20
Major: Biology
Internship: OHSU - Development Cognition and Neuroimaging Lab
My name is Justin Katona, and I am a junior from Los Angeles , Ca. For this summer, I have locked down a position at OHSU in a neurobiology lab. The DCAN , or development cognition and neuroimaging lab, sparked my interest for a few reasons. The chance to be able to study autism and ADHD is something I cannot pass up, as it is the field I want to enter as an adult. This summer, I will assist a research team with a wide variety of tasks. These include inserting the correct surface and volume coils into the MRI bore, connecting it all correctly for the cross-coil configuration, connecting lasers, electrical equipment to the MRI control computer, setting up the laptop that codes the stimulation parameters. Then I will help anesthetizing the animal. Next, we run the stimulation protocols from a laptop – where I will assist in paying attention to live data, making sure things are running smoothly. After the scan, the team will process and analyze the data. All of these separate tasks can be utilized in really any scientific environment, which is why I am so excited to begin.

Andrea Lewis ’21
Major: Art History, Minor: Foreign Languages
Internship: Diversity in Arts Leadership
Diversity in Arts Leadership (DIAL), administered by Americans for the Arts and national partners, matches undergraduate students from backgrounds traditionally untapped for arts leadership with dynamic communities, energetic host arts organizations, and business mentors, to guide students’ personal and professional growth throughout the summer.

Val Perry Val Perry ’20
Major: Sociology & Anthropology
Internship: Action Wellness
My name is Val and I’m a rising senior at Lewis and Clark. I am a SOAN major and Russian minor. I grew up in Philadelphia and will be returning home to do an internship with Action Wellness in the summer of 2019. During this internship, I will be working closely with Philadelphians affected by HIV/AIDS among other illnesses who are in need of support and resources from this nonprofit. I will be doing social work at the Action Wellness office. I will take on my own clients and I will meet regularly with licensed clinical social workers to help guide me through my casework. As a co-chair of the 2020 Gender Studies Symposium, I am especially happy that I will be working with a handful of LGBT clients. I hope that my work with Action Wellness will help me bring new ideas to the co-chair team. I as well hope to incorporate what I learn with Action Wellness into future anthropological work or a career in sex therapy. I am so grateful for this award and I can’t wait to put it to it’s best use!

Clare Shapiro Clare Shapiro ’20
Major: Physics, Minor: Chemistry
Internship: OHSU - Pulmonary Lab
My name is Clare Shapiro and I am a rising senior majoring in Physics and minoring in Chemistry. This summer I have the opportunity to work at Oregon Health and Science University where I will be interning at the Jacoby Fryer Lab which investigates the mechanism of Asthma and the factors that influence it.


Portia Uwase Zuba Portia Uwase Zuba ’21
Major: Economics
Internship: Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Rwanda
This summer I will be back in my home country where I will be working as a researcher and assistant administrative specialist in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. I am looking forward to learning how the government allocates resources, working on budgets( and maybe even advocate for allocating money for designing a sexual reproductive health curriculum in high schools) and meeting big policy makers of Rwanda.



2018 Recipients

Irina Angelova ’20
Major: Psychology
Internship: OMSI

Madeleine Bentley ’19
Major: Sociology & Anthropology
Internship: The Suquamish Museum

Johanna Cameron ’19
Major: Psychology
Internship: Tubman
My name is Johanna Cameron, I’m a rising senior Psychology Major from Los Angeles, CA. This summer I’ll be interning with a nonprofit organization called Tubman, located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Named after the abolitionist and activist Harriet Tubman, Tubman is Minnesota’s largest provider of domestic violence services, with more than 20 percent of all Minnesota shelter beds for adults and children experiencing family violence. I’ll be working alongside social workers to organize and supervise activities and field trips at Tubman’s annual summer Peace Camp. Acting as a youth advocate, I will provide childcare, conduct intake meetings with parents for new residents, and be responsible for identifying and responding to the individual needs of Peace Camp attendees. I’m really excited to connect my academic Psychology experiences with more practical knowledge to better prepare myself for any future career.

Hannah Carroll ’19
Major: Psychology
Internship: Chez Panisse
My name is Hannah Carroll and I am a rising senior majoring in psychology and minoring in French. In my academic studies, I use food as a frame of reference, using it to examine psychology, culture, and American history. This summer, I will be interning in the kitchen of the world-renowned restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, where I will be learning technical culinary skills, prepping produce, and participating in staff meetings to design the daily changing menu. This internship is a dream job for me, as I will be engaging firsthand with incredible people whose work I have followed for years. This includes the famous food activist and restaurant founder, Alice Waters, accredited for bolstering the Slow Food Movement in the 1970’s and creating what is now known as California Cuisine. I have been studying the historical and cultural impact of Alice Waters and Chez Panisse for years and can’t wait to contribute to such a legacy!

Alex Cohen ’19
Major: English
Internship: Senator Ron Wyden
I am a rising senior English major at LC. This summer I will be interning for Senator Ron Wyden, Oregon’s senior senator, in his Portland office. For this internship, I will work with policy advisors, write up biographies and communications briefs, as well as policy and honorary statements to be read on the Senate floor in DC. This internship represents a chance strengthen my skills as a writer as well as a way for me to further explore my interests in a career in politics.

Hannah Creasey ’20
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Internship: Foundation for Surgical Innovation and Education
This summer, I will be an undergraduate summer intern at the Foundation for Surgical Innovation and Education (FSIE) which is run through Providence Hospital. I am looking forward to conducting clinical research, shadowing real-life surgeries and meeting some inspiring individuals in the field of surgical medicine!





Elizabeth Goldsmith ’19
Major: Psychology
Internship: OHSU
This summer I have the opportunity to work at Oregon Health and Science University where I will be an intern in a neuropsychology research lab. The study itself is the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Study where researchers are assessing patterns related to substance abuse, social behaviors, genetic factors, etc. in 10,000 participants over the course of 10 years with the goal of further understanding the impact of various factors on the developing brain. As a psychology major and neuroscience minor, this research is applicable to my field of interest for numerous reasons. First, this opportunity will increase my understanding of the functional connectivity and neuroplasticity within the brain in response to behaviors and substance use. Second, in the future I hope to apply my degree to working with children. I am so luck to have to help of the Flower/Levin Internship Award to make this opportunity possible.

Mackenzie Kirkpatrick ’19
Major: Art History
Internship: The Hole
I am a rising senior studying Art History! This summer I will be interning in the Curatorial Department at The Hole Gallery a contemporary art gallery in New York City. There I will be involved with the operations of the gallery. I am excited to be learning about the functions of gallery spaces in our contemporary society. I am looking forward to making connections and meeting new people in the Big City!


Hannah Machiorlete ’20
Major: Biology
Internship: Portland State University Herbarium
I am a rising junior biology major with a passion for plant biology, in particular regarding plant diversity. Curating preserved plant specimens is essential to the study of plant systematics as it maintains a physical data set for biologists to scrutinize evolutionary relationships. To culminate my work with the Lewis & Clark College Natural History Collection, I will be interning at the Portland State University Herbarium, which houses approximately 20,000 specimens for research and educational purposes. During the summer of 2018, my experience will entail data management, sorting, filing, specimen restoration and preparation, and plant identification.

Sarah Moen ’19
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Internship: University of Queensland
This summer I have the privilege of working with Dr. Sam Robinson at the institute of Molecular Biosciences in Brisbane, Australia. I will be conducting a project that analyzes the venom peptides of Australian Green-Head Ants.





Julia Neish ’18 (December)
Major: Sociology & Anthropology
Internship: Mycologos Fungi Farm
I am a senior SOAN major especially interested in multispecies relationships, regenerative agriculture, soil science and mycology. This summer I will be working with MYCOLOGOS, primarily assisting with cultivation and myco-remediation projects at their Fungi Farm in NW Portland.



Mali PetersonWood ’19
Major: Psychology
Internship: Specialty Athletic Training
Hi my name is Mali PetersonWood and I am a rising senior Psychology major. This summer, I will be an intern for Specialty Athletic Training. This organization was founded by L&C Alumni Ryan Lockard. The goal of the program is to encourage exercise and healthy lifestyles choices to individuals who may not feel comfortable in a traditional fitness atmosphere. Many of the patients have diagnosis such as; ADHD, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, etc. which limit their ability to take part in typical forms of working out. Part of my intern duties will include working in both group and on-on-one group trainings to help facilitate and encourage exercise in the form a of variety of different activities. Additionally it will be imperative that I keep a positive attitude at all times during each training session. I am most excited to begin gaining hands on experience in field that has stolen my heart!

Sam Raphael ’20
Major: Mathematics
Internship: Anethesia and Perioperative Medicine at OHSU
I am a rising junior hailing from Colorado, I am majoring in mathematics and minoring in chemistry, and I am a member of Lewis and Clark’s Swim Team. This summer, I will be interning in Dr. Laura Villasana’s lab in the Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. Dr. Villasana’s lab studies the effects of traumatic brain injuries. As an intern, I have been given the opportunity to carry out an independent project investigating the long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries on neuronal stem cells. Through my internship, I will be able to develop and improve my knowledge of lab techniques, as well as improve my competence in a lab and research setting. This internship will be an excellent opportunity for me to dive into the world of biomedical research.

Hanna Roshak ’19
Major: Biology
Internship: OHSU

Rebeckah Rubanowitz ’20
Major: Biology
Internship: Beckham Estates
I am a rising junior biology major/French minor and I will be interning this summer at Beckham Estate Vineyard. I will assist in caring for the grapevines themselves and the animals who live on site, as well as the land on which all these coexist and thrive. Since I am interested in a career in viticulture/enology, I am excited to participate in a business whose practices and products I admire!

2017 Recipients

Rachel Seagren ’19
Major: Philosophy
Internship: Historic Parkrose

My name is Rachel Seagren and I’m a rising junior studying philosophy. I will be interning this summer with Portland Police and Historic Parkrose. I will be working at the historic Parkrose office in NE Portland helping to develop programs that promote public safety and quality of life in Parkrose. I will also be going on ride alongs with Portland Police. I am excited for this internship as it will further prepare me to pursue a career in law enforcement.

Zelda Ziebell ’18
Major: Sociology & Anthropology, Art & Art HIstory (minor)
Internship: Blue Sky Gallery

As an exhibitions intern at Blue Sky Gallery, I will attend Exhibition Committee meetings, write articles about local contemporary photographers, and learn how to install and deinstall artwork. At the Exhibition Committee meetings, I will be tasked with taking notes and participating in professional critique, which will be a valuable experience in my path to becoming a museum curator. Additionally, I will have the opportunity to familiarize myself with local contemporary art through the gallery’s Pacific Northwest Viewing Drawers. Each week, I will write a short piece about photographers who have been featured in the drawers for Blue Sky’s website. I will also be helping with front desk work, answering the phone, and organizing documents and records.

Sadie Bender Shorr ’18
Major: International Affairs, Hispanic Studies (double major)
Internship: Humane Borders

I am currently an International Affairs and Hispanic Studies double major. The coming year I will be a senior. Outside of academics at Lewis and Clark, I sing in Kith & Kin, which is a student-run a cappella group on campus. This summer I will be interning with Humane Borders in Tucson, Arizona. They are a nonprofit organization that provides and maintains water tanks throughout the Sonoran Desert for migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. I will be a part of a small staff in the office in Tucson in addition to participating in water runs.

Mikita Hanets ’19
Major: Political Science, Computer Science (minor)
Internship: Open Dialogue Foundation

I am a Political Science student from Belarus. This summer, I will be interning with the Open Dialogue Foundation - a non-governmental organization based in Warsaw, Poland. It focuses on the promotion of democracy, human rights and rule of law in the post-Soviet states. During the internship, I will conduct research, facilitate organization of expert seminars, take part in fundraising, outreach, campaigns and advocacy.


Joshua Fichera ’17
Major: Psychology
Internship: OHSU - Raber’s Lab

Born in Massachusetts in 1995, will be studying in a behavioral neuroscience lab assisting in multiple original investigations.







Elina Kudryavtseva ’18
Major: Biology, Neuroscience (minor)
Internship: Stanford University - Psychophysiology Lab

I am a rising senior biology major at Lewis and Clark. I also have two minors - neuroscience and art. My interest in neuroscience is what prompted me to pursue and internship with the Stanford University Psychophysiology Lab. This lab focuses its research on the physiological and neurological processes behind human emotion. I am particularly excited to learn a variety of brain imaging methods, while working directly with study participants. Specifically, I will be assisting with data collection and analysis from an electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging study on physiological patterns behind emotion regulation.




Gabriella Kalla ’19
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Mathematics (double major)
Internship: Wodociagi i Kanalizacja w Opolu Sp. z o o.

My name is Gabi and I am a rising junior double majoring in Biochemistry and Mathematics. This summer I will be working in a lab in Opole (south of Poland) that focuses on investigating the quality of water. Apart from applying my theoretical knowledge about biological and chemical processes that include H2O, I will be exploring new ways to manage this resource in a more efficient way. In the labs I will be investigating water sample and checking them for environmental factors that can affect its quality (for example, bacteria or impurities). I am looking forward to start my internship and gain new experiences. I hope to become a valuable part of the team by the end of this summer.

Megha Viswanathan ’18
Major: Psychology, Neuroscience (minor)
Internship: OHSU - Unni Lab

Charlie Brothersen ’19
Major: Economics
Internship: Logan City - Office of Chief Economic Development

Rachael Penchoen-Lind ’18
Major: Biology
Internship: OHSU - Spellman Lab

2016 Recipients

Lena Novak ’17
Major: Sociology/Anthropology, Ethnic Studies (minor)
Internship: Migrant Education Program Region 26

I am from Pasadena California and I will be a senior at Lewis & Clark College in the fall of 2016. I am a Sociology and Anthropology major and an Ethnic Studies minor. Over the summer, I will work with a governmental organization called Migrant Education Program Region 26. During the summer, the program hosts a summer school specifically for migrant children. I will help plan and organize the summer school as well as assist in the classroom. This past semester I studied abroad in Tucson Arizona and learned about the US-Mexican border and the journey of many migrants. I have always had a passion for education. This internship serves as a way to combine both of my interests in one setting.

Sarah McDonagh ’18
Major: History
Internship: Clackamas County Historical Society

I am a rising junior History major at L&C.  This summer, I will be interning at the Clackamas County Historical Society. I will be assisting in the cataloging and organization of the archive rooms as they undergo renovation as well as in the curation of the seasonal exhibit and the maintenance of ongoing exhibits. Several events are also hosted by the Society, so I will also be responsible for showing a variety of groups through the museum as a tour guide. Currently, the Society is in the process of reorganizing many of the items that are in storage and on display, so I will also assist in examining and cataloging documents, artifacts and records in a way that makes history more accessible to the public.

Alexander Wind ’17
Major: Sociology/Anthropology, Political Economy (minor)
Internship: KBOO

I am Alexander Wind, a senior SOAN major/Political Economy minor. This summer I will I will be working at KBOO. KBOO is a Portland based community commercial free radio station which runs news and music 24 hours a day while putting on events featuring local bands and speakers.  I plan to pitch, research, and write stories for the radio and web.  I will also be learning how to produce audio segments and podcasts, digitally remaster pieces, become proficient with programs such as Adobe Audition.

Emma Grillo ’17
Major: English, Art/Art History (minor)
Internship: Man Repeller

This summer I will be interning at Man Repeller, a fashion and culture website based in NYC. As an editorial intern, I will help with writing, editing and pitching content, as well as assisting with daily office tasks and photoshoots. I am extremely excited to have this opportunity with such a wonderful website!


Andrew Baker ’18
Major: Sociology/Anthropology
Internship: Hieroglyphics Imperium Records

This summer I will be working for a music label learning about Music Scouting and Artist and Relations Managing. While I have spent years finding music through blogs, going to numerous shows, and talking to friends, I want to learn the process and intricacies of Art and Relations Managing. Additionally, my love of photography and interest in social media ignite my interest in the visual marketing and image of a music label. I hope to learn about how to curate the visual aesthetic, through various facets, of a music agency/label.

Caroline Gray ’17
Major: International Affairs
Internship: Truman National Security Project

This Summer, I will be working as a Policy Intern for the Truman National Security Project, a research-based foreign policy think-tank in Washington, D.C., that aims to produce comprehensive and effective national security solutions to solve the globe’s greatest challenges. What sets the Truman Project apart from other foreign policy think-tanks in Washington, is their commitment to divergent and progressive perspectives in national security policy. Additionally, the Truman Project is one of the only organizations in the U.S. that identifies and trains emerging political and military leaders. By positioning the next generation of national security leaders as advocates for a left-leaning U.S. foreign policy agenda, the Truman Project actively rejects the dominant narrative of U.S. national security and proposes policy solutions that value the military, trade, diplomacy, climate stability, development, democracy, etc., as not only foundational, but as necessary components to build long-lasting peace and stability within the global community. Some of my responsibilities will include conducting research on national security issues, writing memos for audiences such as the Truman Project’s staff, members, and board of advisors, and attending and summarizing security briefings and panels.

Alexander Groher-Jick ’18
Major: Environmental Studies
Internship: Environment Oregon

I am a rising junior environmental studies major with a concentration on the potential for renewable energy to reduce inequity. This summer I will be an intern at Environment Oregon here in Portland, Oregon’s largest environmental policy nonprofit. I will be working on a upcoming campaign called “Solar for All,” which will try to institute policy in an effort to help bring solar panels to low income neighborhoods in and around Portland. My role will include media outreach and coverage for the campaign, policy design support, and event organization.

Jessica Meyerzon ’17
Major: International Affairs
Internship: U.S. State Department

I will be interning in the Public Diplomacy Office of the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs in the U.S. Department of State. In Washington D.C., I will be conducting research on foreign affairs issues, attending office meetings, and assisting with international visitor exchanges with European participants, ranging from students to mayors or members of parliament.


Benjamin Beck ’17
Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies
Internship: SkEye Studios

I am a rising senior majoring in Rhetoric and Media Studies from beautiful Costa Mesa, CA. I am also the captain of our baseball team here at Lewis and Clark. This summer I will be playing baseball in the Northwest Collegiate Baseball League while working at SkEye Studios (Hillsboro,OR), a production company turned digital media agency, as a marketing and production intern.  I am interested in marketing because I believe that I has a unique way of bringing people together over common interests. I will be providing valuable social media and marketing insight while SkEye Studios transitions into a digital media agency. Their goal is to help companies market their products to the millennial generation successfully. I am really excited that I have the opportunity to learn and gain more professional experience in Portland this summer.

Allison Schneider ’16
Major: Political Science
Internship: Colorado Nonprofit Association

My name is Allison Schneider and I am a junior majoring in Political Science. Since the time I began my studies at Lewis and Clark I have been interested in public policy and pursuing a career in the government or nonprofit sector. In the past I have had the opportunity to intern with Senator Bennet in Washington, DC and Senator Wyden here in Portland. This summer, with the help of the Fowler and Levin grant, I will be working with Colorado Nonprofit Association. I am beyond excited for this opportunity. I will have the chance to learn about how nonprofits interact with local and state governments. Additionally, I will be working with major figures in public policy from around the state of Colorado, which will be extremely helpful for my career down the line. In addition to day to day tasks (writing memos, doing policy research, traveling to meetings) I will also complete a policy plan project over the course of the summer. This will involve intensive research into a policy issue of my choice that is pertinent to Colorado. I will craft an initiative and plan to present to the board of trustees at the end of the summer.

Julie Patt ’17
Major: Psychology
Internship: Opening Doors, Inc.

This summer I will be a Case Management intern for Opening Doors, a refugee resettlement agency in Sacramento, CA. I’ll be working directly with newly arrived refugees to support and advocate for them through their first 80 days in the U.S. I’ll be navigating the social welfare system and building casework skills that I hope will empower me to continue working in this setting. This work is important to me not only because I value cross-cultural understanding and awareness, but also because it breaks my heart to see the fear-driven hate currently being slung at refugees, who are profiled en masse in the image of the evil from which they’ve been running. One can ignore the politics, but not the people. By the time a lucky, carefully selected few refugees arrive here after 18+ months in a maze of United Nations and U.S. resettlement procedures, the last thing they need is for their new home to persecute them anew. I want to use my privilege as an American to empower these clients in the resettlement process. Now more than ever, this is work that needs to be done. Opening Doors’ first large wave of Syrian refugees will arrive in Sacramento this summer, giving the agency the largest client base they have seen in their 23 years, and I’m grateful I’ll be there to both learn and help in the ways that I can.

Past Recipients

Sophia Freuden ’16
Major: International Affairs, Russian (minor)
Internship: U.S. State Department

Gemma Baumer ’17
Major: Psychology
Internship: Heroic Imagination Project

Eliza Kronenberger ’17
Major: Biology
Internship: OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University)

Natalee Cruz ’16
Major: English, Rhetoric and Media Studies (minor)
Internship: CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

Isabelle Chatroux ’16
Major: Biochemistry 
Internship: Planned Parenthood

Cameron Crowell ’17
Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies
Internship: MusicFest Northwest

Julia Withers ’16
Major: History, Ethnic Studies (minor)
Internship: Know Your City

Leone Palmeri ’17
Major: Sociology/Anthropology
Internship: Organización de Jóvenes Embera y Wounaan de Panama

Mark Loyola ’16
Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies, Chinese (minor)
Internship: Ackerman Films

Katie Craighead ’16
Major: International Affairs, French, Mathematics (minor)
Internship: House of Representatives, Office of Rep. Earl Blumenauer

Aaron Fellows ’16
Major: Environmental Studies, Economics
Internship: International Economic Development Council

Lorenzo Chiovoloni ’16
Major: Sociology/Anthropology
Internship: Organización de Jóvenes Embera y Wounaan de Panama

Garrison Cox ’16
Major: Political Science
Internship: Portland City Club

Ruthie Aldrich ’16
Major: Sociology/Anthropology
Internship: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)