These alumni are members of the PCC and offer students valuable experience and information about life after Lewis & Clark.

High Tech/Information Technology, Political Organizing/Lobbying

IT and Finance

Account Management/Planning, Consulting, Customer Service/Direct Personal Interaction, High Tech/Information Technology, Management/Administration, Operations, Production/Product Management

Social Services/Counseling

Real Estate Development, Analysis/Statistics,Housing & Urban Development

Communications/Media, International Affairs & Development, Political Organizing/Lobbying

Government/Public Administration, International Affairs & Development, Law


Consulting, Financial Services, Investment Banking

Advertising, High Tech/Information Technology

Legal Counsel in Energy Industry, Energy, Law

Analysis/Statistics, Consulting, Education/Teaching/Training/

Mentoring, Energy, Environment/Agriculture/Natural Resources, IT/Systems/Technical Support, Management/Administration, Marketing, Operations, Programming/Software Development, Research, Sciences, Waste Management

Education/Teaching/Training/Mentoring, Writing/Editing

Energy, Government/Public, Administration, Utilities



Technology Development, Sciences, Sports & Recreation

Computers, Education/Teaching/Training/Mentoring, IT/Systems/Technical Support, Programming/Software Development

International Economics, Government/Public Administration

Foreign Service, International Affairs & Development

Government/Public Administration, Law

Environment/Agriculture/Natural Resources, Research

Business Services, Consulting, Entrepreneurial, Venture Capital

Health care 


Teaching of English as a Second Language
UX Design

Fundraising/Development, Education, Nonprofit Management

Start-ups, Software Development, Web Development


Communications/Media, Political Organizing

Marketing, Real Estate, Sales

Web Design/Development, Computers, Political Organizing,


Human Resources

Creative design, Start-ups, Web Consulting and Management

Education, Training 

Analysis/Statistics, Energy, Management/Administration

Museums & Libraries

Consumer Products