Pioneer Career Corps

Connect with alumni from a variety of fields for practical career advice and mentoring!

The Pioneer Career Corps (PCC) is a program to connect you with our remarkable network of alumni, in an effort to better equip you for life after Lewis & Clark. PCC members are here to provide you with practical career advice and offer a range of career perspectives. Our network of alumni are looking to help you tailor your resume to specific career paths, provide career guidance, conduct informational interviews, and/or mock interviews. You can connect with alumni in person, by email, phone or Skype.   

How to participate 

  1. Fill out a student interest form
  2. Watch the training video, which offers a guided presentation that will take approximately 3 minutes. It explains how PCC works, gives you a sense of what to expect when connecting with alumni, and explains the do’s and don’ts for networking and making a good impression. Download a PDF of the training video. 
  3. Complete our training quiz. This brief quiz, based on the training presentation, will take approximately 1 minute to complete.
  4. Stand by for a representative to contact you. You will receive confirmation and access to our network of alumni within 24 business hours of your request. In the meantime, you can browse profiles of alumni you might want to contact.
Are you an alum looking to get involved with the PCC?
Visit the Pioneer Career Corps for more information.

Contact us for more information.