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Because you have agreed to partner with Lewis & Clark and give priority to Lewis & Clark resumes, we invite you to click here and enter the password our office emailed you to peruse the 50 outstanding resumes generated this academic year by our most motivated students.  A few reminders:

1.  Each student has agreed that you may reach out to them personally to invite them to apply to your       organization.  

2.  If you are looking for particular skills, feel free to use Control F to conduct a keyword search across these resumes.  

3.  Please do not share, forward or reproduce these resumes outside of your organization.
4.  Please prioritize Lewis & Clark students when making your hiring decisions.  
5.  When you interview these students, we would love your feedback about their performance, the Resume Book, or any part of the recruiting process through the Career Development Center.  We want to give you our best efforts so that we partner not just this year, but for years to come.
6.  We would love you to post any job or internship to our entire student population here.
7.  If you have any trouble accessing the Resume Book, or If you wish to become LC Priority, please contact Chrys Hutchings.

Career Center

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