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New students will apply here. This application is for incoming and continuing students new to EduCOMM.

(If you cannot access the link above, a PDF can be made available [email]. Return the completed form to Campus Living by mail, email, or fax.)

Returning EduCOMM residents will complete a reflection application.

The Education Living Learning Community (EDUComm) is an exclusive opportunity for LC undergraduate students who want to explore careers in education. As a member of this community, you will explore a broad range of educational careers, get to know the faculty of the Graduate School of Education and Counseling,  and meet guest speakers & local educators who are leaders in their respective fields.You will engage in activities that will enhance and promote collaboration with faculty, academic excellence in your studies, research in the field of education, and ethical leadership. Participation in this LLC offers students a powerful vehicle for transitioning from high school into the university community, and exploring the majors in education.

The EduCOMM Living-Learning Community is cultivated through an on-going partnership with the Graduate School of Education and is housed in Alder Hall.

Visit the Teacher Pathways webpage to learn more about our program for Lewis & Clark undergraduate students who are interested in exploring careers in education.

Area Director: JD Chancellor -

Faculty Fellow: Liza Finkel, Associate Professor, Teacher Education