Early Housing Sign-up FAQ

2020-­21 Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply early?

Early housing sign‐up is open to all rising juniors and seniors (who have fulfilled their four semester residency requirement, or 3 semesters on campus and a semester of an L&C study abroad program during the sophomore year).  If you participated in an overseas program during your sophomore year, you are required to live on campus in the Fall 2019 for your fourth semester of residency, but you will qualify for Early Sign-Up incentives provided you meet the February 8 deadline.

Why should I apply early?

Early sign-­up gives you a priority lottery number in the housing assignment process.  In addition, the $200 housing deposit will be waived (though a $200 cancellation fee will be charged should you cancel your Early Sign-up Housing Contract at any point after submission). Other benefits not tied to Early Sign-up include access to Block meal plans, free laundry and of course, the CONVENIENCE and COMMUNITY that are always present for those who live on campus.

What does “priority” mean?

Students who apply early will be assigned priority lottery numbers, meaning that your number will be better than students in the same cohort who do not apply early.  Lottery numbers are based on cohort group (not class standing) and the number of semesters on campus, so a rising senior will have a better lottery number than a rising junior, when both apply early. Keep in mind that housing assignments will be made for Early Sign‐up applicants based on the average of all roommates’ lottery numbers.

How many apartments are available for early sign up?

There are 21 4‐bedroom apartments and 36 2-­bedroom units. One 4‐bedroom unit in each building is reserved for the RCA and their apartment-mates.  If you hope to be in a 4‐bedroom unit, you must be part of a four‐person group (or more if you have a split year position to fill) that will occupy the unit for the entire academic year.  It is not possible to apply for a single unit type (4­‐bedroom or 2­‐bedroom) if that unit type is not available to you based on your group lottery number.  If you cancel your Apartment Contract based upon the unavailability of unit type, the cancellation fee ($200) will still be charged to your student account.

What’s the deadline for early sign up?

We will accept applications for the 2019-20 academic year beginning January 20th.  A complete application includes a signed Residence Hall Contract or Apartment Contract, Apartment Application with the names of co­‐applicants, and a Roommate Preference Sheet.  You must submit the appropriate housing documents before 5pm on Friday, February 8th.

When do I get my priority lottery number?

Your priority lottery number is based on your cohort group; you will pick it from a box when you turn in your housing materials at the Campus Living Office.  Lottery numbers will be averaged among your applicant group and unit selection will be based on the group’s lottery average.

What should I do to “better” my odds for an assignment to the campus apartments?

Start your planning now!  For the best odds of getting into the apartments, identify other upper division roommates who intend to fulfill a full 9-­month contract and are also submitting their housing request by the February 8th deadline.  Remember that rising seniors (students who entered L&C with the Fall 2016 cohort) will have the best lottery numbers from which to choose.  So, four seniors are most likely to get a 4-­bedroom unit provided the applicants will live on campus for the entire 2020-21 academic year. All of your intended roommates must apply early to qualify.  In fact, should your group have all the required materials submitted on or before January 24th, your group will have the additional advantage of a 10 lottery point advantage.  If all materials for your group are received between January 25th and February 1st, your group will receive a 5 lottery point advantage.

My intended roommate is abroad or on Leave of Absence.  Can I sign up without them?

Yes. You should submit your housing application or lease and make note of your roommate’s name on your application.  If your roommate is abroad in Spring 2020, they may have completed a housing application prior to departure.  But if not, students can also mail, email, or fax applications from abroad, though lottery numbers will not be priority numbers unless the application is received on or before the February 7th deadline. This will likely negatively affect your group lottery number and the potential for placement.

What happens if I sign-­up with my friend and they cancel their contract?

If you think there is a chance your friend may cancel or be accepted for participation in an overseas program during the 20-21 academic year, you should consider a back-up plan; someone else with whom you could live. If a cancellation creates an empty spot on an application for a 4-bdr unit, the unit assignment will be at risk unless a replacement is named within two days of the cancellation.

Campus Living will not assign a 4-­bdr unit to less than four students. If your group drops below the required number of occupants, your application will be canceled and the next group on the priority list will be moved into that slot. Depending on the timing of this event, the remaining three students could be moved into two 2‐bdr units (assuming they wish to remain in the apartments) or the worse case scenario, the application would be deemed incomplete.

Do I have to have a roommate to sign up early?

No, you can apply early and alone for a room in a 2-­bedroom apartment or for a single in a residence hall. However, you must also submit a Roommate Preference Sheet and be matched with an apartment-­mate later.  Roommates will be assigned by Campus Living staff using the Roommate Preference Sheet you complete.  You may not refuse a Campus Living apartment-mate/roommate assignment.

What if I sign up for early housing but don’t get into the hall/apartment I want?

Campus Living will work to try to find a housing assignment that is suitable.  However, since housing options are finite, we cannot guarantee that Early Sign-up will result in your placement in the exact situation you requested. If you apply for an apartment and are awarded an apartment, regardless of building (West, Roberts or East) or apartment type (2-­bdr or 4-­bdr), it will be considered a fulfillment of your request.  Should you cancel under these conditions, a cancellation fee will be charged to your student account. If you do not get into the hall or the single room of your choice, but are awarded a single room elsewhere, your early application can still be applied to other on-­campus housing. Should you cancel in favor of moving off campus, the cancellation fee will apply.

What if I decide to cancel my contract?

The housing contract is a legally binding document. If you chose to apply early, and then cancel, you will be charged a $200 cancellation fee, regardless of the cancellation date.  After occupancy, cancellation is not possible unless you withdraw from the College.

What if I am gone during the room selection process?

If you are participating in an overseas or domestic program during Spring 2020, you will want to give Campus Living your list of room preferences when you submit your housing forms.  Or, if you are applying for a 2‐ or 4- bedroom apartment and your preferred roommate/s are here on campus, they will be able to select for you in your absence.  Alternately, you can designate a friend to select for you as long as Campus Living is made aware of that arrangement before March 18, 2019.  If you (or your entire group) simply miss your appointment time, a room will be chosen for you in your absence.

When will I find out where I get to live?

Preliminary notification of assignments to the apartments will go out by email on or about March 4th. Then, room selection will be held during the following week on Tuesday, March 19 from 6:30-8pm in the Council Chamber in Templeton Center.  If you applied for a residence hall room, you will also participate in the Early Room Selection on Tuesday, March 19 between 5:30-6:30pm.  You will receive an email confirmation of your room or unit selection time assignment during the 5:30-8pm time period.