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Early Housing Sign-up

*Forms must be submitted between 9am January 20th and 5pm February 7th to qualify for Early Sign-up incentives.*

Campus Living is extending to all rising junior and senior cohort groups a chance to sign-up early to secure campus housing for the 2020-21 academic year.  We are very excited about this incentivized option and the benefits it affords to our upper division students. (Please be aware that eligibility is based on cohort group, not credits.  You must have completed four semesters of campus housing [Spring 2020 included] or three semesters of campus housing plus an LC overseas or domestic program for your four semester. Questions?  Please contact Campus Living at for clarification.)

How to Apply

1. Students interested in the living in the apartments (West, Roberts, East) should complete both an Apartment Contract and the Apartment Application, plus a Roommate Preference Sheet(Only one Apartment Application is necessary per group of roommates.) Because of the popularity of the apartments, please consider whether you might want to apply for a residence hall as a back-up.

Students interested in a single or double room in a residence hall (Juniper included) should complete a Residence Hall Contract and a Roommate Preference Sheet.

2. Submit your completed paperwork to the Office of Campus Living before 5pm on Friday, February 7th and draw your priority lottery number. 

Why Apply Early?

Early sign-up gives you priority in the housing assignment process! In recent years, the apartments, Juniper, and most single rooms in Holmes filled during the early sign-up process, so if you want to live in these areas, early sign-up is a must!  Don’t delay.

Campus Living is also waiving the $200 housing deposit for all students who apply during the early sign-up process. No money up front! However, should you cancel your early sign-up contract at any point until the halls open in September 2019, you will be charged a $200 cancellation fee.

According to the news media, rental properties in the Portland area are hard to come by and rental rates continue to rise, so living on campus may be an alternative worth considering.  Reserving now means no worries later.

Now, if that isn’t enough to cinch the deal or at least cause you to think seriously about this opportunity, we have also put together a list of additional “rewards.”  We’re going all out to entice you to stay on campus! Incentives include:

-Meal Plan Options - RESERVED for Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students only (costs subject to change):

  • 100 Block Plan w/200 Flex ($1,877/semester) - You can choose any 100 meals in Fields Dining Room during the semester and have 200 flex points to spend at any Bon Appetit location.  Unused flex will carry over to the Spring, but unused meals will be lost at the end of the semester.  This plan allows you to eat 1 meal each day (well, almost) during the semester.
  • 50 Block Plan w/300 Flex ($1,537/semester) - You can choose any 50 meals served in Fields Dining Room over the semester and have 300 flex points to spend at the other Bon Appetit outlets on campus.  Unused flex carries over to Spring semester but unused meals are lost. This plan allows you to eat approximately 3 meals per week.
  • Flex Only w/625 points ($650/semester) for apartments dwellers only.

NEW Early Bird Sign-up Benefits (for apartment applicants only)

Here is an additional reason not to wait until the last minute! If your group submits all the required paperwork by 5pm on Friday, January 24th, two full weeks before the advertised deadline, your group will be able to reduce your group lottery number by 10 full points increasing your chances of making the cut!  Likewise, if your group submits all of the required paperwork by Saturday, February 1st, your group will reduce your group lottery number by 5 full points. Submissions received by Campus Living after 5pm on February 1st will not qualify for the additional incentive. Last year, the point spread between those who were awarded an apartment and those who were not was just 2 lottery points.  This benefit will not apply to those who apply for Spring semester nor for those who apply without preferred roommates.

Why wait?  Return your housing application to Campus Living between January 20th and February 7th at 5pm by completing an Apartment Contract and the Apartment Application or a Residence Hall Contract plus a Roommate Preference Sheet.

The deadline to submit your housing request and participate in early sign-up is February 7th at 5 PM. Check out our Early Sign-up FAQs for more details.