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Closing Procedures – Spring 2019

These details provide useful information to ensure a smooth transition out of the residence halls at the close of the academic year.  Take a few minutes to educate yourself.  It will definitely help you avoid drama, confusion and fines.

The residence halls and apartments will close at 3pm on Friday, May 10 for all non-graduating students and at 3pm on Sunday, May 12 for those who are graduating.  Meal service will conclude with dinner on Thursday, May 9 including all remaining flex points.

The only non-graduating students who may remain in campus housing beyond May 10th are those who have registered for Summer School housing or are participating in the Wilderness First Responder Course or have already received permission prior to April 26th for a “late stay” by a Campus Living professional staff member.  If you are remaining for Summer School housing, you will receive specific instructions in a separate email in the coming days.

ATTEND THE CLOSING MEETING IN YOUR COMMUNITY – Your RA/RCA will schedule a community meeting to talk through the important details for closing.  If you miss that meeting, you will need to carefully review all of the details in this document.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOUR RA/RCA TO CHECK YOUR ROOM – Your RA will post an appointment sheet for you to sign up for a 15 minute appointment to check out of your room.  You must be fully ready to vacate at the time of your appointment (see list below).  Appointments will be available beginning Monday, May 6th and continue through 3pm May 10th and for graduating seniors on Sunday, May 12 between 9am and 3pm. If you plan to depart campus before May 10, or you must leave the building between 10pm and 8am the following morning between May 9 and May 12, you may request EXPRESS CHECK-OUT from your Area Director.

EXPRESS CHECK-OUT (Limited Availability) – If you must leave the building between the hours of 10pm and 8am, or have other extenuating circumstance, you may request an Express Check-Out envelope from your Area Director before May 3Only the AD can approve you for an Express Check-Out.  You will be required to complete all of the tasks listed on the back of the Express envelope.  When complete, place your room key inside the envelope, secure the envelope and return it to the RA Office for your building.  By using this option you forfeit the ability to appeal any fines or charges assessed to your student account.

BEFORE YOU CHECK OUT OF YOUR ROOM – You must complete all of the items in this section before your RA/RCA can check you out of your room. 

1)    Pack all of your belongings (be sure to clear the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room of your things) and place them in storage (if applicable), or your car or to the mailroom for shipping home.  Your bike will need to be removed from the bike room or outdoor racks.

2)    Clean your room being sure to clear drawers and closet shelves and carpet of dust and debris.  Keep in mind that vacuums are in short supply. If you are an apartment resident, please keep in mind that all common areas inside the apartment including kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures must be cleaned prior to your departure.

3)    Empty your trash, sort recycling and remove it to appropriate receptacles outside your hall. 

4)    For items you wish to donate, please take them to the donation bins from the ARC of Multnomah County and Teen Challenge beginning Monday, May 6 around the residential side of campus.  Anything left in common areas of your hall will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of. 

CHECK-OUT – At your predetermined appointment time, your RA/RCA will inspect the condition of your room (or apartment) based on the Room Condition Report or Apartment Condition Report you completed upon move-in. Your RA/RCA WILL NOT be able to conduct the check-out unless your room is clear of all your belongings. Your RA/RCA will be making notes about the condition of the room/apartment and is NOT AUTHORIZED to estimate charges or guarantee that you will not be charged for conditions that are noted on the form.  Once the inspection is complete, you will return your room key to the RA/RCA.  Lastly, the RA/RCA will check to see that you have completed your hall/community chore.

DONATIONS – As you are packing your belongings, please keep in mind that in an effort to collect items for charity, you may take items that are in good condition to collection bins sponsored by the ARC of Multnomah County and Teen Challenge scattered around the residential side of campus beginning on May 6.  Please be careful to donate only gently used items.

STORAGE – If you were approved for on-campus storage, please contact the RA on Duty for the hall where you were assigned during the following hours:  May 6 – May 9; 7-10pm, and on May 10; 9am-3pm.  The College assumes no liability for personal property. Should you require access to a locked storage area during the summer, you must contact the Office of Campus Safety.  If access is approved, there will be a $50 (additional) charge to do so.

CHARGES / FINES – When the buildings are vacant, your Area Director will again review the condition of your room.  If there are damages or other issues in your room or the common areas of your community, you may be assessed charges or fines.  A common fine is Improper Check-Out.  Should you fail to follow these instructions, you may be charged $25 simply for not following check-out procedures. Any key that is not returned on the day you depart campus will result in a $150 fine.

2019-20 CALENDAR – The halls will re-open for returning students on Sunday, September 1 at 9am and classes begin on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.  Please don’t plan to arrive before September 1.  The halls close at 3pm on December 19, 2019. Please make your travel arrangements accordingly.


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