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Bed Modifications

LOFTED bed height - Mattress surface is 68 inches off the floor.  No lofting in “quads” in Forest or Copeland because of sleeping room size nor in Hartzfeld Hall because of low ceilings. Rooms in the campus apartments are not eligible for lofting.

RAISED bed height - Mattress surface if 37 inches off the floor.  Beds cannot be raised in “quads” in Forest or Copeland nor can they be raised in Juniper because of the bed size.

STANDARD Height - Mattress surface is 22 inches from the floor.

Ready to Request Lofting/Raising of Your Bed?

Please be sure that you read through the process below to insure that the bed in your room will be adjusted based on your preferences.  Please insure that you have a clear idea about how far off the ground your lofted/raised bed will be before requesting the adjustment.  Our Facilities Services staff will have your bed adjusted for you provided we have your request by January 31st. Because of the number of work requests handled by our Facilities Services Department at the beginning of the semester, you should anticipate the work could take up to two weeks to complete. To request a bed modification, please click the link below to your hall and complete the form:

Copeland Request Form

SOA (Stewart, Odell, Akin) Request Request Form

Platt-Howard Request Form

Forest Request Request Form

Holmes, Hartzfeld, Apartments Request Form

  • Requests for bed height adjustments will only be accepted within the first two weeks of each semester; deadlines are September 14 for Fall semester, and January 31 for Spring semester.
  • Once the bed height has been adjusted, any requests for changes to the bed height (even if you are requesting it be lowered to standard height) within the same academic year are subject to a $50 charge per request.  It is important that you are confident of your desire to loft or raise your bed and that you are clear about the height each option will produce.
  • If your request for bed height adjustment is made after you occupy the room, the bed and the area around the bed must be clear and accessible for Facilities staff to perform the adjustment.  If Facilities staff are unable to safely and easily access the bed, they will not perform the work.  They will leave a note that they were unable to complete the work and the Work Order will be canceled.  You will be required to submit another work request through your Area Director.  Once the request is filed by your Area Director, it will be addressed in 5-8 business days (exception; late August or early September).
  • If you and your roommate agree to request that your beds be bunked, please contact your Area Director.
  • Questions about modifying your bed?  Please contact your Area Director of the Campus Living Office at or 503-768-7123.