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Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC)

Student Academic Affairs Board


The Student Academic Affairs Board (SAAB), established in 1982, is a unique part of your student government.The SAAB grant program funds student research initiatives and other academic expenses via a board of student representatives from each academic discipline.The SAAB tutor program organizes, funds and manages a student-to-student tutoring program free-of-charge.

The Board meets weekly to hear academic grants which extend student’s academic experiences beyond the sphere of campus, and which return value to the student body. The Board also discusses issues of academic importance to the student body: curriculum matters, the academic calendar, the senior capstone/keystone experience, faculty retention, general education requirements, and related issues.

SAAB also runs a peer tutoring program, in which students can receive two free hours of tutoring per week. Students who have excelled in a course and demonstrated themselves to their professors as effective and enthusiastic communicators can also apply to tutor for a course. Tutors are paid hourly for their work.



Arunimal Jamwal
SAAB Chair

Office Hours — by appointment

Ela Pencl
Director of Grants

Office Hours— by appointment

Director of Tutoring

Office Hours— by appointment

College Honor Board Chair

Office Hours— by appointment

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