What do I have to do before arriving on campus? 

  • I have questions about the 14 day quarantine. 
    • More information about the 14 day quarantine here.
  • What forms do I have to fill out? 
  • I heard about a module I have to complete, what is that module and how do I access it? 
    • The WeB4Me@LC module can be found on moodle. Click here for the direct link and sign in using your LC credentials. You will need to add the module to your classes, it will not show up before you add it. If you are running into issues with this please contact the IT Service Desk at itservice@lclark.edu or call them at 503-768-7225. 
  • Where can I get my key upon arrival? 
    • (For returning students) After showing evidence of filling out the COVID-19 Self-Check and Reporting Form, On-campus housing addendum, and Attestation Form, proceed to your resident hall’s main common room to receive your key and other materials. For after-hours pick-up, proceed to Campus Security.  
  • How can I access items in storage? 
    • Retrieve your items in storage during your assigned move-in time. Check at your residence hall and inform them of your items in storage. If you cannot retrieve your items on-time, call the RA on Duty from 7:00pm to 8:30pm PST to retrieve them. Campus Living will reach out to students living off-campus about retrieving items in storage. 


What will my day-to-day living look like? 

  • What paperwork will I have to fill out? 
  • Can I travel downtown for food or grocery shopping?
    • Yes, the college is not forbidding any form of travel. However, it highly discourages any form of inessential travel (traveling for recreation, for example). The Shuttle service (“Pio”) will be running to all previous routes — Fred Meyer, Zupan’s, PSU Downtown — with a modified schedule. Click here for the new schedule. 
  • What is “essential travel”? 
    • “Essential travel” includes travel for food like grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, COVID-19 testing, and the like. 
  • Can I go for walks/bike rides in Tryon or in the cemetery? 
    • Yes, make sure to take the proper measures to protect yourself and other like using PPEs, social distancing, and frequently washing your hands/sanitizing when able.
  • Is there any change in parking passes?
    • You can find information about parking here.


What will my academic life look like? 

  • How will I be safe in classes? 
    • Everyone will be seated 6 feet apart. You will sanitize your space before and after class with provided sanitizing solutions. Professors will be wearing masks/face coverings. Classes will also be taught in a hybrid style. 
  • What does “hybrid” classes look like? 
    • Contact your professor for details about how your class will look like. Each professor will have a slightly different idea and will likely have different methods for online/in-person instruction. 
  • I’ve heard about new times for classes, where can I find the updated class times? 
    • The easiest way to find your updated class times is on webadvisor. Log in with your LC credentials and then select “Students” located on the right of your screen. Under Academic Profile, go to “My Class Schedule” and select on the drop down menu “CAS-Fall 2020”. If you run into any problems please contact the IT Service Desk at itservice@lclark.edu or give them a call at 503-768-7225.