Mission Statement:

The purpose of the assessment committee is to establish accountability and continuous improvement in the division of Student Life.


  1. To align departmental efforts with the Student Life mission.
  2. To monitor and enhance assessment efforts in the operations of departments.
  3. To educate and collaborate with the division on best practices in assessment.
  4. To assist departments with collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.

Department Resources 

 Campus Labs User Guide

Writing Goals and Student Learning Outcomes 

Strategic planning guide: Writing goals, outcomes, and measures for student learning and program development

Goals and outcomes guide

Learning outcomes worksheet

You will need to write learning outcomes when submitting the Survey Planning Form.

Survey Planning Form for Student Life Assessment

Access the Planning Form here

The assessment committee developed this form to evaluate the extent of a given survey’s assessment and to limit survey fatigue by managing distribution schedules.

All departments in Student Life should complete this form for any survey that will be distributed via email to a population at Lewis & Clark of at least 15 students. The form should be submitted no less than 7 days in advance of the planned distribution of the survey.

Department Narrative Writing Instructions

Department/program narratives should be 3-5 pages and explore the following prompts in the context of your department/program over the last 2-3 years. Append referenced reports, analyses, and data. Discuss any tools or resources used to complete assessment (e.g. Campus Labs).

Overall, we want to demonstrate how we use assessment to improve our programs/departments.

Narrative prompts:

1. What process is used by your department to develop outcomes (e.g. student learning outcomes and programmatic outcomes)?

2. How are outcomes assessed? Provide examples of data collection efforts.

3. How is departmental decision-making informed by the findings of your assessment(s)?

4. How does your department/program learn? 

Committee Members (2018-2019)

  • Charlie Ahlquist (, Chair

    • Departments: Student Rights and Responsibilities, College Outdoors, Student Leadership and Service, Student Activities.

  • Tamara Ko (

    • Departments: Physical Education and Athletics, Career Center, International Students and Scholars.

  • Rebecca Brooks (

    • Departments: Student Support Services, Health Promotion and Wellness, Counseling Service, Health Service, Case Management. 

  • Jessica Carron (

    • Departments: New Student Orientation, Campus Living, Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement, Spiritual Life. 

  • Julian Steele (

    • Committee Member