Student Life Strategic Direction

The Lewis & Clark College Student Life Strategic Direction

This document provides the framework for our success as outstanding student affairs
practitioners. We embrace with passion our work within the liberal arts tradition, and we fully
support the vision, purpose, core values, aspirations, goals and objectives of our educational
endeavors at Lewis & Clark College.

Creating a collaborative, transformative and holistic student life experience that both nurtures
and challenges our students.

The Division of Student Life empowers students to enhance our world. We collaborate with
students to develop opportunities for them to discover their interests, pursue their passions, and
embark on a journey of growth and development. We work collectively to create environments
where students are critical and creative thinkers, collaborators, and global citizens. We engage
collaboratively to create community and belonging. We emphasize holistic experiences that
synergize learning in and out of the classroom, on and off-campus, and across the globe. We
prepare students for meaningful careers and purposeful lives through civic engagement and
lifelong learning. Through all of these experiences and interactions our students more fully learn
about and understand themselves and the value that each person brings to our community and
to the world beyond Lewis & Clark.


Core Values

  • Collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking- We approach problems through critical
    analysis and develop evidence-based solutions utilizing nuance and collaboration
  • A caring, supportive and enduring community of belonging- We prioritize
    relationship building that enhances personal and communal well-being and connections
  • Global perspectives- We value understanding our impact on others and the ability to
    appreciate the differences and similarities of various cultures here and around the world
  • Sustainability and wellness- We prize our resources: human, financial, and
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion- We take ownership for addressing and advocating for
    issues directly impacting marginalized communities and efforts of creating a more just
  • Curiosity, adventure, innovation, and leadership- We emphasize avenues of
    exploration and learning that enhance creativity, provide opportunities for growth, and
    build leaders
  • Passion, engagement and fun- We treasure the joy of continually learning and
    improving in community with one another



  • Inspire passion, innovation, and a commitment to co-create our future
  • Create campus environments that prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Provide robust co-curricular educational experiences through internships, and service
    activities with professional, nonprofit, public, and business organizations in Portland and
  • Provide a diverse selection of intellectual, athletic, cultural, spiritual, and social activities
    that support the needs of our community
  • Facilitate interactions and collaboration among staff, faculty, and students to bring us
    together as a vibrant community of belonging
  • Offer opportunities to students to develop the skills needed to support themselves and
    their communities as they embark on careers, service, education, and other
    opportunities after graduation
  • Create and facilitate co-curricular programs that connect students and foster a rigorous
    and supportive academic community
  • Promote enhanced student health and wellness through intentional programs and safe,
    and healthy living environments
  • Generate and champion a spirit of curiosity and adventure linked to our location in the
    Pacific Northwest
  • Provide international experiences that prepare students to be active, responsible, and
    confident global citizens
  • Foster civility, respect, accountability, and human dignity


Goals & Objectives
To achieve our purpose and aspirations, we will:

  1. Collaborate across the institution to attract, enroll, and graduate global citizens.
    1. Our programs and services will be data-driven, mission-oriented, and will support the
      persistence of College of Arts and Sciences students to achieve four-and six-year
      graduation rates of 75 and 85 percent.
    2. Implement the Campus Engagement Programming Plan to enhance athletic, career
      counseling, recreational, residential, social, and wellness programs to maximize
      student success
    3. Implement a Healthy Campus Initiative to improve the overall wellness of our
      campus in the areas of mental, physical, and spiritual health.
  2. Strengthen, differentiate, and promote co-curricular learning through implementation of a
    Student Life Co-Curriculum.
    1. Implement a technological solution that promotes student engagement with one
      another, affinity organizations, and provides feedback and tracking for holistic co-
      curricular development
    2. Emphasize connection to and visibility in Portland, including through volunteer,
      clinical, internship, and civic engagement opportunities
  3. Prioritize the development and maintenance of the campus infrastructure and facilities
    appropriate for a selective, nationally-competitive college.
    1.  Extend the useful life of existing buildings and community spaces
    2. Build and renovate student housing
    3. Renovate Templeton Campus Center into a true student union
    4. Renovate athletic and recreational facilities
  4. Strengthen our individual and collective commitments to diversity, equity, and
    inclusion. All departments and individuals within the Division of Student Life are
    responsible for centering these in their work.
    1. Enhance pathways to recruit and retain a diverse community with specific focus on
      members from historically underrepresented groups
    2. Recognize, celebrate, and support all facets of each individual identity
    3. Provide opportunities for all members of our community to engage in reflective
      inquiry and to grow in the areas of inclusivity, respect, cultural curiosity, and cultural
    4. Develop external partnerships that support diversity, equity, and inclusion
    5. Prepare students to engage in difficult conversations regarding diversity, equity, and
      inclusion at Lewis & Clark and beyond
  5. Recognize and reward staff through the Student Life Recognition and Professional
    Development Program.
    1. Prioritize competitive compensation
    2. Provide on-going and robust professional development and advancement
    3. Promote staff accomplishments and expertise
  6. Participate in fiscally responsible and generative projects that help us to realize
    untapped potential.
    1. Collaborate with institutional partners to support fundraising efforts for the L&C
      Comprehensive Campaign
    2. Assist in efforts to increase the number of endowed student life positions
    3. Increase alumni engagement in Student Life activities, including in student mentoring
      and philanthropy
    4. Develop new revenue-generating program, specific to the student experience, to
      meet prospective student and societal needs

January 29, 2020 Student Life Division Meeting

Strategic Direction Breakout Session

Please work together first on a description/list of:

a) How we already embody and express our core values then

b) What could we do to more fully embody and express our core values

Please work together second on a description/list of:
c) How we might go about achieving one or more of our aspirations