Committee on R&R

Committee members are selected by the Student Intern, with consultation from the Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and can expect to fulfill several roles during their time on the Committee.

Review of the Student Code of Conduct

One of the goals of the Committee is to review suggested changes to the Code of Conduct. Committee members are trained in the structure and purpose of the Code, as well as in the guiding principles of the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, so that they can effectively critique its merits and evaluate potential changes.

Conflict Resolution

Members of the Committee can participate in group conflict resolution meetings with the Student Intern and the Director. Committee members have special trainings about conflict resolution and restorative justice to better prepare them for these meetings.

Student Rights & Responsibilities Board

At least three, usually five, Committee members will sit on this formal adjudication board with the Student Intern. Committee members are also trained in conflict resolution in a hearing setting.

College Review Board

Committee members with a great deal of experience may occasionally be assigned to serve on this board, after receiving more training from the Student Intern and Director.

Application Process

If you would like to become involved in the Committee, print and fill out the application below and submit it in to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities at Templeton 321. Any applications that are turned in before the end of business on the second Friday of a semester will be considered for that semester. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact the office.