Visiting Privileges Policy

Students assume responsibility for conduct of their visitors. If a visitor is asked to leave a specific area of campus, it is the responsibility of the student host to cooperate with the College official making the request. Lewis & Clark may exclude all visitors from campus in times of impending or actual crises or emergencies, and may exclude any visitors from any area of the campus for any reason deemed appropriate.

A person who has been suspended or dismissed from Lewis & Clark for disciplinary reasons, or whose record prohibits admission without special clearance, does not have visiting privileges on campus. Violators of this policy may jeopardize their readmission status and/or may be subject to legal or disciplinary action.

College residence halls are not public facilities. Only Lewis & Clark students, faculty and staff, authorized personnel, and authorized guests of students are permitted in the residence halls.

Campus Safety Officers may issue visitors a written Trespass Warning if presented with reasonable cause, including but not limited to:

  • Illegal activity (including minors in possession of alcohol, illegal drug use, etc.)
  • Failure to comply with staff directives
  • Other violations of College policy

Visitors who have been issued a Trespass Warning will be escorted off campus and instructed not to return, with the explanation that returning will result in arrest for Criminal Trespass. Trespass Warnings may only be rescinded by the Director of Campus Safety or the Provost.