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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Parental & Guardian Notification Policy

A fundamental goal of the College is to support students’ independence and maturity, in part by encouraging them to assume responsibility for their own educational and personal matters. The College also encourages students and parents or guardians to communicate directly, regularly, and openly with each other about issues of mutual concern.

Under laws and policies that govern the privacy rights of students, Lewis & Clark College has the authority and reserves the right to contact parents or guardians of dependent students about a variety of serious matters and the parents or guardians of all students in emergencies regarding serious injury or life or death situations.  
The Dean of Students or designee uses professional judgment when determining whether notifying parents or guardians is essential and benefits student welfare. Whenever possible, College staff will talk with the student before contacting a parent or guardian, in order to discuss the possible benefits and challenges of notification. 

Student Rights and Responsibilities

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