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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Arson, Fire, & Explosives Policy

Ignition of fire in an unauthorized location or an unauthorized manner is prohibited.

Acts that result in the ignition or potential ignition of a fire, which causes property damage, or which could be reasonably expected to cause damage are prohibited. Aiding another in such acts is prohibited. Open flame or embers of any kind (e.g. candles, lanterns, incense sticks, lit coals, etc.), explosive materials or fuels (e.g. gasoline, butane, or camp stove fuel, etc.), and torches (e.g. butane torches, welding torches, torch lighters, etc.) are prohibited in College buildings, unless specifically approved by College officials.

Possession or use of fireworks, or other explosives, is prohibited on campus.

For details on College policies regarding smoke, see “Smoking” policy.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

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