COVID-19 Mitigation Policy


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Lewis & Clark has adopted health guidelines to promote the health of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lewis & Clark’s health guidelines are informed by public health guidance, to limit the risk of transmission of the coronavirus within the L&C community. These guidelines apply to all members of the L&C community, including students, staff, and faculty, their guests, and any persons entering L&C controlled spaces. These guidelines will be updated as circumstances around COVID-19 change and new guidance is issued or revised by state, local, and federal officials as well as public health recommendations from Lewis & Clark professionals. 

Failure to comply with COVID-related health guidelines issued by state, local, federal, or Lewis & Clark College is prohibited. Failure to comply with COVID-related requests or directions of College officials acting in performance of their duties is also prohibited. Behaviors that ignore healthy guidelines and endanger the safety of community members can result in disciplinary action ranging from a warning for a first offense up to removal from the campus community. 

Below are links to ongoing communications and response about COVID-19 on our campus. The instructions in these communications fall under our COVID-19 Mitigation Policy, and community members are expected to follow them. Please check your LC e-mail regularly in order to not miss these updates, as you will be held accountable to following any new guidance issued. 

COVID-19 Communications

COVID-19 Ongoing Response Page

Guidance for Students

COVID-19 Amnesty Policy

Lewis & Clark College considers the health and safety of community members to be a core priority. During the COVID pandemic, it is critical that students feel safe to report any potential exposure to COVID-19. The College has therefore adopted the following protocol:

  • No information from contact tracing efforts conducted by Wellness Services staff is ever shared by Wellness staff with the office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, so students have no reason to be concerned that disclosure of information to a contact tracer will result in disciplinary action.
  • An individual who participates as a reporting party or witness for sexual misconduct that falls under the Sexual Misconduct Policy will not be subject to disciplinary action for a violation of COVID-19 guidelines that occurred in the time frame adjacent to the sexual misconduct.
  • This option is meant to apply to isolated incidents, and may not be available in cases of repeated or flagrant violations of College COVID-19 guidelines or in situations where a student’s actions have caused a serious health impact to other members of the Lewis & Clark community.

Report a Violation of Health Guidelines