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COVID-19 Community Expectations & Reporting

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Lewis & Clark has adopted health guidelines to promote the health of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lewis & Clark’s health guidelines are informed by public health guidance, to limit the risk of transmission of the coronavirus within the L&C community. These guidelines apply to all members of the L&C community, including students, staff, and faculty, their guests, and any persons entering L&C controlled spaces. These guidelines will be updated as circumstances around COVID-19 change and new guidance is issued or revised by state, local, and federal officials as well as public health recommendations from Lewis & Clark professionals. You can view LC’s guidelines HERE

Failure to comply with COVID-related health guidelines issued by state, local, federal, or Lewis & Clark College is prohibited. Failure to comply with COVID-related requests or directions of College officials acting in performance of their duties is also prohibited. Behaviors that ignore healthy guidelines and endanger the safety of community members can result in disciplinary action ranging from a warning for a first offense up to removal from the campus community. 

Examples of some prohibited behavior are: 

  • Not wearing your mask to class or in public spaces (including residence hall lounges)
  • Attending social gatherings on or off campus that consist of 10 or more people
  • Not following social distance guidelines expectations in class or other LC buildings

Below are a list of COVID-19 communications, including emails from College staff that detail specific expectations for student behavior or requirements for testing. The instructions in these communications fall under our COVID-19 Mitigation Policy, and community members are expected to follow them. Please check your LC e-mail regularly in order to not miss these updates. 

COVID-19 Communications

Community members are encouraged to promote public health by reminding one another of social distancing and transmission reducing behaviors. Behaviors that endanger the safety of community members should be reported at with nature “COVID-19”. You can also submit a report by clicking on the link below: 

Report a Violation of Health Guidelines

We are asking all Lewis & Clark students planning to be on campus this Spring to attest that they have observed a two week period of voluntary self-isolation/limitation on social exposure prior to arrival on campus. If you are unable to self-isolate prior to arrival, you will be asked to isolate when you arrive on campus and then get tested on Wednesday, January 20th. The COVID-19 Attestation of Mitigation Steps Form found below should be completed 1-3 days prior to you arriving back on campus.

Complete your COVID-19 Attestation of Mitigation Steps





Student Rights and Responsibilities

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