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Molecular Motors  •  Attacking AIDS •  Visualizing Viruses
September 13-14, 2011



2011 symposium overview


The Fourth Annual HHMI Science Without Limits Symposium will include two days of lectures and events focused on molecular biology at the nano level. The symposium will include keynote addresses by two highly acclaimed researchers:


Michael Summers, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, is unraveling the internal architecture of HIV at the University of Maryland at Baltimore County. A mentor with UMBC’s Meyerhoff Program, Summers and his students aim to design new therapeutic treatments for diseases caused by retroviruses.

Carlos Bustamante, professor of physics, chemistry, and molecular and cell biology, investigates the machine-like behavior of molecular motors at the University of California at Berkeley. His lab uses methods including scanning force microscopy and optical tweezers to manipulate some of the tiniest structures of life. 

Additional events include a forum focused on expanding access to the sciences, a presentation of students’ research, and a festival celebrating students’ exciting work.

All events are free and open to the public. View the complete symposium schedule.

About the symposium

Focused on making innovative scientific research accessible and relevant to a wide audience, the annual Science Without Limits Symposium seeks to increase participation in the physical and natural sciences among all groups, particularly those that have been historically underrepresented.

Each fall, the symposium showcases new and exciting developments in interdisciplinary areas of scientific research and successfully engages diverse audiences through presentations, colloquiums, forums, and interactive activities.

Launched in 2008, with the support of a grant from Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the symposium broadens access to the sciences for all who attend. Previous presenters include neurologist V. S. Ramachandran and neurobiologist Baldomero Olivera.