TEP Student Co-Host Program

TEP Student Co-Host Program

Applications for Spring 2021 Student Co-Hosts have closed. (Updated Dec 1, 2020)

This program grew out of feedback from the transition to online instruction in Spring 2020 and planning for hybrid teaching this fall. The TEP Student Co-Hosts are a team of trained student workers, paid for by TEP, who assist faculty with the technical aspects of running a hybrid class. The goal is to free faculty to focus on innovative pedagogy for their hybridized or online courses, and to remove, as much as possible, any technical burdens.

TEP Student Co-Hosts may assist with running Zoom or other online platforms by:

  • Assisting with faculty and student technical glitches

  • Managing a Zoom waiting room

  • Managing recording sessions

  • Uploading recording sessions to a Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Managing and uploading transcripts and closed captioning for recorded sessions

  • Managing break out sessions

  • Helping in the classroom with technical aspects of running a hybrid classroom, such as moving cameras, microphones, speakers, props, etc.

  • Taking attendance

  • Uploading and managing student digital work in an LMS

  • Providing suggestions based on observation about how the student experience may be enhanced via the use of the technology available

  • Other tasks that are not yet clear to us, but that will emerge as courses are redesigned and taught this fall


A TEP Student Co-Host is NOT:

  • A student who is enrolled in any of the faculty member’s classes for the semester

  • A TA or Lab Assistant

  • A homework grader or other content-based assistant

  • A pedagogical fellow to assist with instruction

  • A peer tutor or peer mentor for the students enrolled in your course

  • A liaison, etc. between students and faculty. 


If you are interested in working with a TEP Student Co-Host and/or you have any feedback, please use this online form to help us gauge interest and opportunities. Additionally, if your department already has a similar program, we would gladly like to collaborate.


For questions and feedback, please contact Blair Orfall, TEP Program Coordinator, at tep@lclark.edu