Tuition and Payment


Summer Session tuition is assessed on a per-credit basis. Tuition for Summer 2022 is $1,278 per credit. You can use the registration form to calculate your total tuition, including course fees where applicable. Note that off-campus summer internships, specifically, are not subject to normal tuition charges. Please see the policy on Summer Internship and Independent Study Credits for details.

Course Fees

Some courses are subject to additional fees to help cover laboratory supplies, field trips, or incidental expenses. Check to see if your section has a fee by viewing the course schedule using WebAdvisor.


The College does not mail bills for Summer Sessions in advance of the payment due date.

Your summer tuition and fees are due on the first day of the summer session you are attending. Please refer to the Summer Calendar for dates. If payment is not received by the due date, your registration may be canceled.

Please visit Student and Departmental Account Services website for details on accepted methods of payment to settle your student account. Please note, there is no monthly payment plan available for summer expenses.

Student and Departmental Account Services (SDAS) has designed their service model so that every Lewis & Clark student has a designated student account representative. Students are assigned by last name between two student account representatives. If you have any questions or concerns about meeting the College’s payment expectations, please do not hesitate to contact your representative directly. Please visit the SDAS staff page for your representative’s phone number and email address.

Drops and Withdrawals

Students are liable for payment of tuition and fees. Tuition and fees will not be refunded for withdrawals (beyond the add/drop period).

*Lewis & Clark College reserves the right to change tuition, fees, and residence costs at anytime and at the discretion of its Board of Trustees.

Financial Aid

For information about financial aid, call the Financial Aid Office at 503-768-7090 or visit the FAO website.