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Registration opens March 5, 2014.  Students can take up to 9 semester credits per session. See how summer classes can help you meet Lewis & Clark General Education Requirements

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Session 1

Session 2

  • Fundamentals of using oil paints in a representational and abstract manner.
  • Survey and study of the extinct archosaurs with emphasis on the Dinosauria, including five core areas of dinosaur biology: anatomy, physiology, evolution, behavior, and ecology, with evidence derived from our site and the fossil record.
  • Basic techniques for solving problems amenable to solution through the use of high-level computer programming language.
  • Analysis and explanation of the historical forces that shaped the complexities of this region, placing the area in its proper setting and perspective.
  • Data analysis, data production, statistical inference. Data analysis: methods and ideas for organizing and describing data using graphs, numerical summaries, and other statistical descriptions.
  • Examination of musics from around the world.
  • The goal, focus, and direction of the Personal Strength & Conditioning course is to enhance each individual’s strength, power, speed, quickness, agility, and body control relative to sport.
  • A philosophy and method of training the mind and body to work together as an integrated unit, this Pilates Mat class is designed to appeal to all interested in developing stability, mobility, flexibility, and total body strength.
  • Focus on principles of physical fitness such as safe techniques, conditioning activities, principles of movement, importance of lifetime fitness.
  • Course objectives are to provide students with the fundamentals of sailing, boat handling and seamanship.
  • Yoga class assumes a non-competitive atmosphere in which each student works on breathing, concentration, and flexibility.
  • An introduction to the films of Stanley Kubrick.
  • Continued study of basic vocabulary and structural patterns of Spanish.
  • Study of grammar, vocabulary, culture, and civilization.

Summer Sessions

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