Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Xplore’s policy regarding COVID-19 vaccination?
A. Xplore is a New Student Trip. All Xplore participants and their leaders be up-to-date (as defined by the CDC) with their COVID vaccinations, or have a medical exemption from LC. This includes original series and booster dose(s). Once you’ve been accepted, we’ll ask you to upload an image of your vaccination card. Any student who has received a medical exemption will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours of the beginning of the program. This policy will allow us to offer the best possible experience for all involved, and set you up for a safe and healthy program. With everyone involved in the program fully vaccinated, we hope to offer as normal an experience as possible. However, it is possible that some Covid-19 mitigation measures will still be in place. We’ll keep participants informed as we know more.

Q. I know that Xplore is free. But what about transportation?
Students participating in Xplore must provide their own transportation to Portland. However, when you arrive, we will arrange for you to be picked up at the airport, train or bus station and shuttle you to Lewis & Clark. There is no charge for this shuttle service.

Q. Should my parent/family arrive when Xplore begins, or when new student orientation begins?
During Xplore, your time will be completely filled with activities, and we have not planned any activities for your family. It is best for you to arrive for Xplore on your own, and for your family to meet you when NSO begins on Wednesday August 24th.

Q. During Xplore, where will we stay?
Students participating in Xplore will sleep in their residence halls except during our weekend getaway, when we will stay at a lodge (more info below). Meals and housing will be provided without charge for the entire program.

Q. Should I bring my belongings now or should my family bring my things when they meet me?
Either plan is fine. If you bring your belongings to Xplore yourself, you will be able to put them directly into your room when you arrive. If your family brings most of your things when they arrive for NSO, be sure to bring with you the things that you will need for the Xplore program. See the Xplore packing list for details here. Another option, available starting August 9, is to mail a package to yourself; read more about this option here.

Q. What day/time should I arrive?
We will do pick-ups from the airport between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM on Wednesday, August 17. if you are unable to arrive during that window, please contact us, and we’ll make special arrangements to meet you. As participants arrive, we’ll do some getting-to-know-you activities and a lunch. Xplore will officially begin after lunch.

Q. How physically challenging will the weekend’s outdoor activities be?
A. The activities will not be very strenuous, and participants will have lots of options. Students are welcome to choose an option that they are most comfortable with. We anticipate an ancient forest hike that is about 1 easy mile, round-trip. Students can walk the whole trail or only part of it. Individuals who’d like more hiking opportunities can explore the network of trails that surrounds our lodge. The lava tube experience can range from a “look-see” to a full-fledged exploration of the 1.5 mile-long rocky cave, depending on each individual student’s interest. Swimming/water play will take place at a roped-off beach on a large lake. Students can opt for the water or hang out on the beach.

Q. How rustic are the weekend lodge accommodations?
A.  The lodge accommodations are very comfortable. You’ll sleep in a sleeping bag, but indoors, on bunk bed mattresses. The beds have curtains to draw for privacy. There’s indoor plumbing, hot and cold water, and showers. We’ll cook communally in an indoor kitchen and eat on an outdoor patio. There’s a large common area to gather for games and discussions.

Q. When does the program end? When can I meet my family?
Xplore will end before the official start of NSO activities on Wednesday, August 24. There will be some time between the end of Xplore and the official start of NSO for you to meet your family and show them around or for you to engage in a variety of optional NSO activities.